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Dr. Russ Moulds

Spiritual Counterfeits 2/1/2007
  In our work today, we encounter hundreds of spiritual counterfeits hidden in the multiple assumptions made by the youth with whom we work. Dr. Russ Moulds provides some perspective on speaking the truth in love to those who have strayed from the confessions in favor of a more worldly view of God.
Kids, Christ, and Culture: What's New Under the Sun 2/1/2006
  Youth workers are at a bind when it comes to just how much our youth should be involved in our culture and the world. Dr. Russ Moulds provides some advice in this article.
Making Spiritual Distinctions Detecting the Faith Conditions of Youth 12/1/2005
  From experience, youth workers often know that the spiritual perceptions of youth don't line up well with a confessional understanding of the Gospel. St. Paul knew this too, which is why he provided us with assistance for making spiritual distinctions to assess where others are in their faith relationship with Christ.
Give Me the Right Words to Say 3/1/2005
  Apologetics is the study and practice of providing credible explanations for why Christians believe what they believe. This article offers advice in how you might arm the youth you serve with the tools of apologetic thinking.
Servant Formation: Not Nice, but Good 9/5/2008
  An in-depth look at servant-hood and adolescent development, and some talking points to generate conversation with youth.
Bible Study: Youth Faith - Biblical Text Messages about Young Souls 6/2/2004
  This four-part study takes an in-depth look at the faith life of young people in the Bible, including Daniel, Mary, the sons of Eli (Hophni and Phinehas), and the rich young ruler.
Bible Study: Youth Stress - Biblical Text Messages for Young Souls 3/1/2007
  This study takes a look at stress in the life of our kids. It does not assume that stress is an all-consuming problem for kids, nor does it assume that stress for them is negligible. Like most things in life, the situations for stress and kids vary a lot.
God is Not Nice 7/30/2012
  Part of "Why? A Resource Kit for Talking About Disaster and Tragedy"

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