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Alaina Kleinbeck, DCE
Alaina Kleinbeck is the DCE for Junior High and Small Group Ministries at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Saint Charles, MO.  Her passion for youth and youth ministry is expressed this way: "When I set aside lofty ambitions and huge dreams of success, I simply pray that the youth in our churches will  grow into a faith that is expressed in the way they live their life.  I pray that the youth will know they are redeemed in Christ and will actively  seek to make that truth evident in their daily lives and in their interactions with others. (But sometimes, the only thing that gets me out of bed is a cup of tea and knowing that I'm forgiven for not wanting to.)"

Review: Contemplative Youth Ministry 2/1/2007
  Is Contemplative Youth Ministry a book worth reading? Check out this review and decide for yourself!
A Young Woman's Perspective on Serving the Church 6/1/2005
  Men and women alike are uncomfortable talking about what women should or should not be allowed to do and say in our congregations. However, God created both men and women to serve Him and to do so together. This article offers one young woman's perspective on what that means.
Review - Partnering with Parents 8/4/2008
  Working with parents can be an elusive task for the youth worker. We like having parents around, but don't always know what to do with them. The book Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry offers some suggestions.
Review: The Emergent Church 4/26/2007
  Newbie DCE, Alaina Kleinbeck, touches on gender gaps and ministry to young adults by reviewing Dan Kimball's book, "The Emerging Church".
Review - Hurt - Inside the World of Today's Teenager 5/29/2007
  Hurt hits the spot for those of us that want to reach youth exactly where they are. While Clark occasionally dabbles with language more familiar to university classrooms, overall he writes for an audience that actively works with today’s teenagers. He places a new framework of understanding on the lives of today’s teenagers that demands adult attention.
Review - Deep Ministry in a Shallow World 7/2/2007
  Discover lessons you already know, but need to hear again in this month's review of Clark and Powell's new work, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World.
Review: Growing Souls 11/5/2008
  Review of Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli
Review: Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry 10/3/2008
  Review - DCE Alaina Kleinbeck gives Andrew Root's Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry four stars.
Review: Jesus Centered Youth Ministry 2/4/2009
  Rick Lawrence's book helps you find the center of your youth ministry: Christ.
Review: Youth Ministry 3.0 4/14/2009
  Marko's Youth Ministry 3.0 invites readers to join the Youth Ministry conversation.
Review: Spiritual Development: New Directions for Youth Development 5/29/2009
Review: A New Kind of Youth Ministry 8/31/2007
  A new book, "A New Kind of Youth Ministry" brings our thESource reviewer a challenge to the idea of working in and among the traditional church.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 5 10/7/2009
  Discussions from Chapter Ten
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 1 10/14/2009
  Is adolescence THAT much different from when I was a teenager?
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 2 11/11/2009
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 4 11/24/2009
thESource Book Club: The Forgotten Ways 12/9/2009
  Alan Hirsch sends a captivating message to the reader: the people of God carry the same potency of the gospel as early Christians but we have forgotten how to access it.
Review: What Matters Most 7/1/2008
  DCE Alaina Kleinbeck declares this a must read, especially for those times when your ministry and life is gearing up for a new cycle.
Review: Be the Change 9/5/2008
  Zach Hunter's book provides both encouragement and an example to teens who want to make a difference.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 1 9/9/2009
  A discussion on chapter one of Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 3 9/23/2009
  Discussing Chapters 5 and 7 of Mark DeVries' Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 2 9/16/2009
  Discussion questions for Chapter 4 of Sustainable Youth Ministry.
thESource Book Club: Sustainable Youth Ministry, pt. 4 9/30/2009
  Discussion of Chapters 8 and 9 from Mark DeVries' Sustainable Youth Ministry
thESource Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 3 11/18/2009
Bible Study: Lamentations 7/28/2011
  Many of us can find consolation in the grieving words of Lamentations. For others, walking down the darkest paths can help us understand the light.

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