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Rev. Jay Reed
Pastor Jay Reed serves at Light of the Valley Lutheran Church in Elk Grove, CA. When asked about his passion for youth and youth ministry, Pastor Reed shares, "To see kids connected to Christ Monday through Saturday as well as Sunday. See them living, breathing and walking in Him every moment."

The Age of Fragmentation: Spiritual Living in the Digital World 3/15/2007
  The "digital age" has created what this author calls the "fragmentation age." Much of our technology allows individuals to disengage from community and pursue their own interests without having to consider the needs of others. How are Christians to cope?
Devotion: Do Something 10/5/2011
  We are "stewards" of our own lives, people who have been entrusted by another to care for His valuables.
Devotion: Radical Stewardship 10/10/2011
  Radical stewardship is about living as if all the promises of God to provide for and watch over us are true.
Devotion: What Are You Lookin' At? 10/24/2011
  For those of us tempted to place too much value in the things of this world, Jesus has a question that comes out of Matthew 6:25-33: What are you looking at?
Fundraiser: No-Show Ball 3/14/2012
  A great fundraiser for busy people.
Biblical Case Study: Jesus and His Mother 12/17/2011
  This case study takes a look at the relationship between Jesus and His mother.
Speaking the Truth in Love 11/5/2008
  "Getting along" with the world is not a mandate from God's Word to His people.... Speaking the truth in love is.
The Prepositions of Youth Ministry 7/22/2011
  Youth ministry is ministry to, by, with, through and for youth. But what does this look like?
Bible Study: iDentity 5/5/2012
  In this study, we look at our identity from God's point of view.
Getting Guys 8/23/2013
  Many churches have tried to stifle the wilder side of young men. Rather than stifle what is part of the male makeup, we are better off to channel it. Here are some ideas on how to do that.
Getting Guys Part 2: From Theory to Practice 9/5/2013
  practical ways to get guys interested and involved in ministry and growing in their faith

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