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Jeffery Kunze

Jeffrey Kunze is happily married with three beautiful daughters!  Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, spending lots of time in theater and music, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Television Broadcasting and Journalism from Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, North Carolina in 1987.   Forgoing a position in the news media, he attended Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, received his Master of Divinity degree and was ordained into the pastoral ministry in 1991.  Pastor Jeff is presently serving as Associate Pastor of Outreach ministries at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Saint Charles, Missouri and says, “Our success in ministry is not measured in the buildings we build or the programs we start but in the lives our Lord gives us the privilege to touch with the good news of Jesus!”

Worship God-A Look at Worship Music 5/1/2005
  As several Christian music artists release "worship records" alongside their regular albums, we are led to ask, "What on earth is the difference?" Rev. Jeff Kunze provides some clarification in this article.
Yabbadabbadoo! 1/1/2004
  When serving as a full-time church worker, it is tough to balance time to family and time to church. Where should your priorities lie? Rev. Jeff Kunze offers some perspective in this article.
Skit: Goosebumps for Jesus 4/1/2005
  Calling all worship planners! In this original skit, a group of worship planners dive head first into creating a contemporary worship service, complete with music, fun, and...glitter?
Skit: The Identity Expo 9/1/2005
  Casting about for an identity that "works" during the teen years is terribly hard. Wouldn't it be easier if identities could be bought and sold across counter tops? If being all you could be only meant purchasing a few items at the big Identity Expo? The characters in this skit try to do just that, and in the process learn that the "basic must haves" of anyone's identity come free.

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