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Jeremy Becker

Jeremy Graduated from Concordia UniversityRiver Forest in 1999 with a Director of Christian Education Degree with Certification in Elementary Education. In 2003 he received his Masters in Family Life Ministry from Concordia University, in Seward Nebraska.  After completing his Intership in 1999 at Concordia Lutheran Church in Kirkwood he accepted the Call to continue to serve as the Minister to Junior Youth.  He transitioned into the position as Minister to Senior Youth in 2003. 

What I Love about Senior High Youth 7/1/2004
  Jeremy Becker, Minister to Senior High Youth for Concordia Lutheran Church, Kirkwood, Mo., takes a minute to share the blessings and unique privileges in working with high school students.
Both ... And. Can All Youth Be Leaders? 8/31/2007
  It's not a new idea. Student-led ministry has been a big concept in youth ministry for many years. DCE Jeremy Becker encourages us to carefully consider how much emphasis we place on youth-led programming.
Teaching Parents and Youth to be Safe Online 4/11/2014
  Teaching kids to be safe online isn't any different than being safe off line.

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