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Robert McKinney
DCE Bob McKinney is one of the "old guys," still at it after 36 years of LCMS ministry.  Bob has served in 4 parishes (California & Texas) and 2 Lutheran high schools (Los Angeles & Hong Kong).  He writes in this column about "the B.M. Axioms," universal yet personal truisms which, for Bob, have enabled him to keep striding locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for nearly 4 decades of DCE ministry.  Bob is currently part of the staff at Trinity Lutheran Church in Simi Valley, California.

In All Things-Teaching the Gospel Using Media 3/1/2004
  Veteran DCE Bob McKinney has long approached youth programming with a media-mindset. His article provides impactful direction for using media to reach youth with the message of Christ.
The Stride: Ask the Two Questions 1/2/2008
  Veteran DCE, Bob McKinney shares insights into lessons, both big and not-so-big that he has encountered in his years in youth ministry.
The Stride - All of Life is Worship 7/1/2008
  Discover the potential for your ministry by taking to heart Bob McKinney's Axiom #5: All of Life is Worship.
The Stride - The Tree Always Wins 8/4/2008
  DCE Bob McKinney gives an important lesson on physical and spiritual safety.

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