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Derek Broten

Derek is an Associate Pastor with an emphasis on Senior High Ministry at Woodbury Lutheran Church in Woodbury, MN. He enjoys the variation of Youth Ministry and creating caring community inside and outside of the church walls. He loves spending time with his wife and three kids, playing most sports and sitting on his deck with a good book. One of Derek's great joys is having coffee with people talking about life and our walk with Jesus.

A Metaphor to Make Youth Group More Than a Social Club 7/1/2004
  This short article offers a useful metaphor for discussing the importance of Christ's saving love with new and veteran member of your youth program.
Vocation 101 4/26/2007
  Derek Broten shares the steps he takes to identify and encourage the youth of his congregation who may have the gifts to become church workers.
Bible Study: Cardio Condition: Training A Servant's Heart 4/26/2007
  This two-part Bible study equips youth to be better servants by examining their hearts for proper motivation, discovering who their neighbor is and focusing on "still time" with God.
Ministry to One 6/20/2011
  Youth ministry is person oriented. Read to find out what this looks like in one particular congregation.
It Takes a Village and a Jell-O Dance 8/4/2008
  Your congregation is full of gifted people, many of whom may have a gift for youth ministry. How do you mine those gifts to get the community involved? And where do you even start?
So Many People in Need and Not Enough Fantasy Football Seasons 3/3/2009
  What is social justice and why is it important?
Real Outreach: The Power of Oscar Mayer Outreach 1/26/2010
  Free hot dogs give one youth worker a chance to witness to God's love for teens.

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