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Jeff Meinz

Jeffrey Meinz grew up in Farmington, Missouri. He graduated from Concordia University Nebraska in 1996 and accepted his first call to Walcamp Outdoor Ministries in Kingston, Illinois. He served there for 10 years prior to accepting a call to serve as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jeffrey has spoken at numerous youth gatherings and events. He is a published author and has written four books ranging from Christian skits to Bible studies. His humorous messages build on the foundation for Gods truth, the Bible.

The Rookie Minefield 9/1/2005
  What every rookie youth worker ought to know, from the pen of long-time youth worker Jeffrey Meinz.
Building Youth Families 4/1/2006
  Youth group is more than a mere social activity, it is a Christian community that many young people carry with them into the larger life of the congregation. Challenge yourself to be part of something great: A youth family.
What I Love about Junior High Youth 7/1/2004
  A Jr. High student is a different sort of animal, and it takes a special person to "tame" him. In this article, DCE Jeff Meinz offers some advice on giving this unique age-group the spiritual food they need to survive.
Wax Lips and Gummi Worms 7/1/2008
  What do you do when someone "different" comes to your group? What should you do?
Real Outreach: A Little Church 10/27/2009
Skit: When Will Worship Start? 2/1/2007
  This skit offers a humorous look at the well-known "Holy Howdy" practiced by many churches the nation over. It's harmless enough, but what happens when it gets out of control? Check it out.
Skit: Tech Driven Worship 3/1/2005
  In this original skit about a tech-driven worship experience, if it can go wrong, it probably will. Who would have thought projecting song lyrics on the big white wall would have taken so much planning? And why do donuts always take such a priority?
Skit: The Dinner Table 12/1/2006
  Eating together as a family is possible--but not probable. See it from the perspective of your dinning room chairs in this creative mini-skit.
Skit: Sitting on a Log 2/1/2007
  This short dialogue skit points to themes of personal witness. You don't have to cross the ocean to be a missionary; God can use you in your own backyard.
Skit: The Bad Day 2/1/2007
  Bad circumstances can ruin a perfect day--or our hope in Christ can give us joy that lasts despite what the world throws at us. In this skit Mr. Higginsdorf gets everything thrown at him, including a law suit, itchy red spots, a dead cat, and a jail sentence. What will he throw back?
Skit: The Bench 4/1/2004
  A jogger sees a solitary man sitting on the same bench each day as he runs past. A few seconds and a couple words could make an eternal difference in the man's life. Will the jogger be too late? Find out in this simple yet compelling skit.
Skit: A Group of "Youth" 2/2/2005
  This original skit presents the "Peter Pan" of youth group, a guy who refuses to grow up in his faith. He doesn't want what adults have to offer, but the youth don't really want him around. What's the PlayStation-playing old-timer to do? And what ever will become of the annual sledding trip?
Bible Study: Moses - A Leadership Study 2/4/2014
  This one-part Bible study looks at the leadership of Moses and concludes that Moses was an effective leader because he looked to and followed God.
I'm Straight 3/25/2014
  How do we help youth identify themselves as children of God rather than by their sexuality?
A Feast Fit for a King 10/18/2013
  Serve a feast fit for a king at Thanksgiving.

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