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Steven Cholak

Steven Cholak is a Lutheran Pastor (crux sola est nostra theologia); husband to Stephanie; living in Saint Louis, Missouri. He loves coffee, Apple Computers, his iPhone 4, and his iPad. He studied at Concordia Chicago and Concordia Theological Seminary. He loves to hike, sail, read, bike and shoot guns. He is the Special Ministries Project Coordinator for the LCMS Office of National Mission's Youth Ministry Department.

Maintaining a Heatlhy Body 10/1/2004
  The human body, both mind and flesh and blood, work together so intricately that the health of one is affected by the health of the other. While it isn't important to look like a fitness guru, it is simple good form to show the same concern for your own physical health as you show for your students'. This article shows you how you might begin the process.
Lectionary Notes on Mark 10:2-16 10/2/2012
  Notes and teaching points on Mark 10:2-16
Lectionary Notes on Mark 10:17-22 10/10/2012
  Notes and teaching points on Mark 10:17-22
Lectionary Notes on John 8:31-38
  Teaching points and discussion questions on John 8:31-38
Lectionary Notes on Luke 1:39-45 12/18/2012
  Jesus has come as King and Lord, bringing good gifts with Him.
Word One Bible Study: Lent 3 Old Testament 3/28/2014
  Bible study on Exodus 17:1-7 for the third Sunday in Lent, Lectionary Series A
What is the Lectionary? 9/27/2012
  An introduction to the lectionary and why we use one.
Lectionary Notes on Luke 19:28-40 11/27/2012
  Notes and discussion points on the lectionary reading for the first Sunday in Advent
Lectionary Notes on Luke 3:1-14 12/4/2012
  Notes and discussion points for Luke 3:1-14.
Lectionary Notes on Mark 10:23-31 10/16/2012
  Notes and teaching points for Mark 10:23-31.
Lectionary Notes on Luke 7:18-28 12/11/2012
  Notes and teaching points on Luke 7:18-28.

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