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Craig Oldenburg
Craig has served in elementary education, youth ministry, outdoor ministry, and challenge course facilitation and development. He is the former DCE program director at Concordia University, Portland. He currently serves as the Executive Director for Mt. Cross Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Felton, California. Craig and his wife Mary have one daughter, Whitney.

Facilitating the Experience of Faith Part 2 6/1/2006
  Creating a safe experience for your group.
Facilitating the Experience of Faith 4/1/2006
  Faith given by the Holy Spirit can be nurtured and formed through the experiences we have. This article provides a good way of thinking about "experiential ministry" and what it might have to offer the youth you serve.
The End of the Young Adult Experience 8/1/2004
  As more young adults slip away from churches it is apparent that something must be done. DCE Craig Oldenberg offers his perspective on what church workers can do to reach out to today's generation of young adults.
Attractional Progression 4/26/2007
Boundaries: Secrets from DCEs who Thrived, Not Just Survived 5/29/2009
  Each year dozens of professional church workers leave their position at their church. Why they leave is no secret to many of us. But there are other secrets you should know. The secrets that cause purposeful thriving and not accidental surviving.
Organic Mentoring 11/13/2009
  Organic mentoring depicts a mutual relationship that is developing, dynamic, adaptable, encourages steady change (as opposed to instant change), and allows for interdependency of those involved.
Church Spun Retreats 5/7/2010
  What if a prepackaged retreat doesn't fit your group's needs? Consider starting from scratch and developing a home spun retreat to extend the church's mission and directly meet the needs of the youth.

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