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Steven (Steve) Chrisopher

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Steve Christopher has served in a variety of youth ministry positions such as a parish DCE, a District Youth Committee Chairman, a volunteer youth leader, a confirmation teacher, a District Youth Ministry Executive, a member of 3 LCMS Youth Gathering Planning Committees, an Instructor of Youth Ministry at Concordia University in Irvine, and as a father of two teenage children.  Steve is married to Dee Christopher, who also has served for a number of years in youth ministry. The Christopher Family currently lives in Livermore, California.

Tackling the Tough Issues: A Guide for Parents 3/1/2006
  Having "the big talks" with young people can be hard on some parents. We know there are many issues that must be addressed, but how does one get a youth to open up and talk? This article offers some advice to get the ball rolling.
Sustaining a Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry 1/1/2006
  It is a noble thing to have a mission statement for your youth program that helps to keep your focus on the important things. This article helps you take it one step further in providing advice on keeping that focus on track.
The Stride: Longevity in Youth Ministry 9/1/2005
  Is it possible to be a church worker after the age of 35? Absolutely! Veteran youth worker Dr. Steve Christopher offers encouragement and advice on staying the youth ministry course and avoiding burnout.
Five Considerations for Bridging the Gap Between Junior and Senior High Youth 7/1/2004
  It is sometimes difficult to bridge the gap between junior- and senior-high youth programming. This article provides five things to consider as you seek to meet the unique needs of each age group.

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