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Leon Jameson

Minister to Youth and Families at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Missouri, Leon Jameson has been serving youth for over a decade now (yowza) and seriously loves this calling. Leon speaks regularly to teenagers and adults throughout the US. He is happiest when spending time with his wife Gretchen and daughter Sydney Grace. When away from ministry you can find Leon running (although it's more of a shuffle these days), wrestling with his Golden Retriever Bailey, and collecting M&M dispensers. Leon's mission is to live for Jesus, leading others to do the same.

Praise an Audience of One 4/1/2005
  Powerhouse is the youth-let worship service held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Mo. This article provides tips and focus for those interested in beginning a youth-led worship service in their congregations.
Systems Breakdown-The Face of Family Ministry In Many LCMS Congregations 2/1/2004
  The Body of Christ includes all baptized people, from infants to the elderly. Connecting all God's people in family ministry programming gives individual congregations, and the individuals that make them up, a stronger presence in the world.
Home for Christmas 1/1/2005
  There are many simple things youth leaders and other church workers can do to extend a sense of belonging to the young adults who come home for the holidays. This article provides encouragement to refocus your efforts and prepare for the young hearts that were once in your charge but who now hail from the wide, wide world.
The Freshman Underground 3/1/2005
  In this interview, Leon Jameson, Director of Christian Education for Immanuel Lutheran Church, St. Charles, Mo, offers a peek at Immanuel's Freshman Underground, a new concept aimed at helping freshman make the jump from the Jr. High to High School youth ministry program.
The Stride: My First Youth Ministry Injury: Or, the Day I Realized I Was Old 10/30/2007
  Turning 35 doesn't age one out of a job in youth ministry when the focus is on the ministry and not the programs. Discover practical ways to keep the pace through the middle years of ministry.

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