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The Birth and Rise of Holy Hip Hop 5/1/2005
  Holy Hip-Hop is a genre of music that originated from Hip-Hop. In this article, Nova 4 Jehovah, a Holy Hip-Hop artists, shares from where he came and how his music can work for the good of Christian young people.
Summer Must Dos 11/1/2005
  thESource petitioned you, our community members, for your favorite Summer MustDo activities. Here's what y'all had to say.
Girls and Guys Groups 6/1/2005
  This interview with Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, St. Charles, MO, offers details about gender-specific Bible study programs. Immanuel's GUYS and GIRLS Bible Study Groups seek to share and reinforce that God has a lot to say about what it means to be a young man or a young woman, and that His definitions of gender make a lot more sense than those offered by the world.
Youth Viewpoints on the Power of Male/Female Teams 6/1/2005
  Jordan and Caroline are active in the youth group at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Livermore, CA. Before Our Savior called a full-time youth worker, Jordan and Caroline had the benefit of being served by a husband and wife team, Dr. Steven and Dee Christopher. The Christophers taught Jordan and Caroline a lot through Bible study, but the youth also learned much simply by witnessing the Christophers' Christian marriage in action.
A Day in the Life of a Fitz 5/1/2004
  The Fitz Family is a family troupe of jugglers that has been performing since 1992 and has been traveling full time since 1994. This article is about their family and their work.
From House of Pancakes to House of Prayer 5/1/2004
  The Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is hard at work supporting many outreach-based congregations, one of which is Salem Haitian Lutheran Church in Lake Worth, FL. Salem Haitian is the church home for many Haitian immigrants in the Lake Worth area. Read on to learn more about Salem's unique outreach base and the effective means this congregation uses to draw people into the love of Christ.
Holy Hoops Basketball Outreach 5/1/2004
  Sometimes, Christians get into the habit of thinking of the church as a club for members only. This article discusses how one congregation opened its doors to the community using an open-gym basketball program, and how that program worked for the good of the church.
Adopted Hearts 1/1/2004
  Families today come in many different shapes and sizes, from a single parent raising her children alone to grandparents, parents, children, and more living together under one roof. In this article, Jodi Kratzer, a senior at Lutheran High North, St. Louis, reminds us that the way a family looks doesn't matter, as long has God is at it's heart.
As Iron Sharpens Iron 8/1/2004
  As a team leader, it is possible to encourage competition amongst team members and still maintain the big picture focus. This article shows you how.
Youth Ministry Advertising on a Budget 10/1/2005
  Advertising your youth program doesn't have to involved anything expensive or elaborate, and it's a really good idea. Here are a few ideas to get you on the road to local fame.
A Difference worth Changing 12/1/2004
  The differences between people and cultures can be wonderful, but there is one difference that should never be tolerated. In this article, Tiffany Talsma, daughter of missionaries to Nigeria, discusses what she learned about living as a Christian in a different world.
Talking to God 2/1/2004
  Prayer is both a corporal and a personal activity that links us closely with our God. But it is also a learned skill that benefits from regular discipline. This article offers youth some ideas about becoming more deliberate in their prayer lives.
What I Know Now...What I Wish I Had Known Back Then 4/1/2004
  In this article, Leah Bruskewitz discusses the long road she traveled in learning that it's not others' opinions that should determine the course of her life, but God's Word.
Steppin Up 4/1/2005
  Adam Caciano, a St. Louis native and senior at Kirkwood High School, does not yet know what God has in store for his future. But Adam is working for the Lord now as a member of a youth-led worship planning team. Led by their DCE, Jeremy Becker, the youth at Concordia Lutheran Church have been constructing worship services for several months. Read more to find out how it all began.
The Secrets of Performance Ministry 5/1/2004
  Ardan James, The Animated Illusionist, has opened for the likes of Ray Romano and Michael W. Smith. His comedy act has taken him to 12 countries and has given him opportunity to perform on TV shows like Star Trek Voyager! In The Secrets of Performance Ministry, Mr. James and Bauer, a puppet who thinks he's real, share a bit about how their ministry-based perfomances work, and how you can use your talents and skills in a similar way.
American Twentysomethings 10/1/2004
  Margaret Feinberg is an award-winning journalist, speaker, and writer. Her new book, Twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World, offers an insightful perspective on the challenges inherent to living through your twenties. thESource interviewed Margaret to provide further insight into being twentysomething and American.
Junior-High Ministry Programs 7/1/2004
  In late spring 2002, and again in the spring of 2003, a group of leaders in ministry to young teens gathered to discuss the state of junior-high ministry in the church. Compelled to voice what they believed to be one of the most important yet misunderstood ministries in the church, these leaders composed this open letter to church leaders throughout North America.
Christian Music 2/1/2004
  In the Christian music industry, artists and mangement alike has embraced the "Christian music" label. What does this self-imposed label say about the industry and the music itself? And what makes an artist or album uniquely "Christian?" This article explores these questions and more.
Advertising and the Christian Message 10/1/2005
  Advertising provides us with the opportunity to develop an awareness of the fit between the idea being advertised and our interests. But how useful is advertising in the congregational setting? This article provides one perspective.
Doves and Pigeons 1/1/2004
  Michelle Sperberg passed to eternal life with Jesus during the night of November 9, 2003 at the age of 17. Michelle battled cancer for three years. Her faith was an example to her friends and family and she was ready to pass into Jesus' arms. When Michelle wrote the following devotion, published in Stand Your Ground © 2001 CPH, she was just beginning her battle with cancer. Her words of faith and hope stand as a testament and an inspiration to us all.
Under the Gun in Jr High 8/1/2004
  Like many things, competition is a tool. Competition can be used in the life of a young adolescent to teach values, rules and cooperation. However, though some students thrive in a competitive environment, others shut down. Our job is to identify, evaluate, and facilitate competition so that it remains positive and goal-oriented.
When Ministry Meets Play Station 2 3/1/2004
  The entire gaming world is not as bleak as Grand Theft Auto. This article discusses how youth workers can use gaming to make connections with youth, and how to avoid the pitfalls and perils that lie in the gaming world.
Mocha Ministry-Coffee House Churches 5/1/2004
  In June, 2003, a group of St. Louis seminarians known as Christ in the City began renovating an abandoned church building, utilizing the service help of area youth, volunteers from the Concordia system, and ex-prisoners from the Acts 1:8 Mission Society Care Team. Outreach via a coffee house church is the ultimate goal, but outreach is also the means as Christ in the City seeks to touch a community with the love of Jesus.
Planning a Health Fair 10/1/2004
  The care of our bodies is one of the most important aspects of Christian stewardship (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). One way to encourage this kind of stewardship is for the youth group to sponsor a Health Fair. This article shows you how.
Making Space for Young Adults in Your Church Bulletin 8/1/2004
  Young adults in their 20's and 30's are the most under-represented age group of people in most Protestant churches. And the only way to "fix" the problem is to make a little intentional space. This article shows you how.
One Volunteer's Perspective on Avoiding Burnout 6/1/2004
  Volunteers in any area of the Church face a difficult and sometimes thankless task. Fortunately, the rewards volunteering can bring often override the frustrations and hardships. In this short article, Martha Andres, a long time volunteer, offers her perspective on how volunteers can avoid becoming overwhelmed and burnt out while on their individual ministry journeys.
Sex Talks Resource Kit 4/14/2009
  Discussion guides on topics such as homosexuality, pornography, abstinence, and more.
Thinking About College Ministry, Part 2 4/15/2011
  How do you keep youth connected to the church after they graduate high school? What have you tried that has been most effective? And what about those who don't go to college?
Advent Resources 9/7/2011
  It's never too early to start planning for Advent. Take advantage of these resources as you plan events and Bible studies for the Advent season.
Lent Resources 1/6/2012
  Resources for Lent and Easter
General Fundraising Guidelines 3/16/2012
  Some guidelines and things to keep in mind when planning fundraisers.
Sample Fundraising Policy 3/21/2012
Fundraiser: Auction Variations 3/28/2012
  Purchase or seek donations of goods and services to be sold at an auction.
Food Related Fundraisers 3/28/2012
  Everyone needs to eat let the money they spend on food support the youth!
Service Fundraisers 4/3/2012
  Offer a service and ask for sponsors or payment.
The Hunger Games Book Talk 4/5/2012
  A discussion guide for the popular book, The Hunger Games.
Stewardship Resources 10/31/2011
  Use these resources to discuss stewardship with your youth!
Why? A Resource Kit for Talking to Students about Disaster & Tragedy 11/1/2005
  In the wake of tragedy, youth begin to form real questions about the nature of man, sin, and God in the face of human suffering. It's time to share some real answers.
People of the Book? Considering Islam in America 7/16/2007
  9-11 was seven years ago, and nations remain embroiled in the Middle East, opinions fly and debates rage. In the midst of the dialogue, adolescent thoughts develop into more than just emotive reactions. Youth have had time to form real questions and are struggling with real questions that are rooted in their faith and can be addressed by God's Word.
Devotion: An Attitude of Gratitude 3/3/2009
Devotion: Trust is a Must 3/18/2009
Welcome to thESource! 9/4/2009
  Here are a few things you can find at thESource for youth ministry.
Devotion: To Defy Death 3/9/2009
Devotion: Don't Worry, Be Happy 4/15/2009
November 2009 @ thESource 12/4/2009
  November 2009 archive of articles and resources
Jr. High and Sr. High Ministry: A Conversation 12/8/2008
  DCEs Leon Jameson and Alaina Kleinbeck discuss ministry with junior high and senior high students.
Games & Community Builders 5/29/2009
  A list of games and community builders submitted by you, the readers of thESource.
Activities 5/29/2009
  Activities to try with your youth group, submitted by readers of thESource.
October 2009 @thESource 11/6/2009
  October 2009 archive of articles and resources
December @ thESource 1/11/2010
  Resources for Lent and Easter
January 2010 Articles and Resources 2/12/2010
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Adults at Your Event 2/7/2014
  Ways to incorporate adults at your event
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Manage Risk 2/12/2014
  Top 10 ways to manage risk on a servant event
Tangible Outlets for Expressing Grief 3/26/2010
  There is no magic formula for helping students through sadness. The ways people express grief are as unique as the reasons why they grieve. Use your God-given gifts in coming up with tangible outlets for kids to express grief.
Challeges in Youth Ministry 10/15/2010
  We've asked three people their thoughts on youth ministry. In this article, they share their thoughts on the challenges in youth ministry.
Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit 3/26/2010
  Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting.
The Fall 2010 Contest, part 1 10/18/2010
Overcoming Challenges in Youth Ministry 10/22/2010
  How can we effectively overcome the challenges that we face in youth ministry?
thESource Fall 2010 Contest, part the third 10/22/2010
The Joys of Youth Ministry 10/29/2010
  What are the greatest joys of working/volunteering in youth ministry?
Bible Study: Redesigning the Created Human Being 11/19/2010
  This Bible study will examine the redesigning of the created human being via Assistive Reprodctive Technology, and its impact on the future of mankind as some use this biotechnology in the pursuit of happiness and personal desire. This purpose will be examined in light of 'what it means to be human' as a created and redeemed child of God.
Thinking About College Ministry, Part 1 4/8/2011
  What are some of the greatest challenges facing our youth after they graduate high school? How do you prepare them for those challenges?
Fundraising Policy Ideas 3/21/2012
  Fundraising policy ideas from youth workers across the country.
Fundraiser: Car Wash Variations 3/28/2012
  The traditional "we wash your car and you pay us" tends to be a lot of work for little money. Here are some variations that actually raise money.
M&M's Fundraiser 3/29/2012
  A cheap and easy fundraiser that says "thanks" to the congregation for their help with your last trip, and kick-off your fundraising for the next trip.
Fundraiser: Rummage Sale 3/29/2012
  Encourage congregation members to donate their unneeded stuff for the youth to sell!
Fundraiser: Flamingo Flocking 4/3/2012
  This is a popular activity where youth members covertly cover someone's yard with a "flock" of pink plastic flamingos.
Fundraiser: Youth Stock and Shares 4/3/2012
  Encourage congregation members to "invest" in the youth.
Loose Change Fundraisers 4/3/2012
  Collect loose change in fun ways!
Concession Stand Fundraisers 6/18/2012
  Work concession stands at a professional or local sporting event.
Coffee House Fundraiser 6/18/2012
  We know how talented our youth are, so why shouldn't we show them off to the rest of the congregation and make a few bucks to boot?
Tournament Fundraisers 6/18/2012
  Whether it's a popular card game or a sporting event, these community events can bring in funds for your group.
Sales Fundraisers 6/18/2012
  Some groups are able to raise funds by selling things.
_____-A-Thon Fundraisers 6/18/2012
  Collect pledges for the youth or youth leaders to participate in specific activities for a specific amount of time or distance.
The Fault In Our Stars Book Talk 9/21/2012
  The best-selling teen novel The Fault in Our Stars deals with issues of cancer, life, love and loss.
Book Talk: Divergent 10/22/2013
  discussion guide for the novel Divergent, by Veronica Roth
Servant Events: Top 10 Lists 2/7/2014
  Top 10 lists to make your Servant Event the best experience it can be for your youth
Servant Events: Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your Event 2/18/2014
  Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your Servant Event
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Service into Focus 2/26/2014
  Top 10 ways to put your service into focus at a servant event.
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Make Bible Study Work 2/26/2014
  Top 10 ways to make Bible study work at your servant event
High Tech Games 4/17/2014
  Games that make use of technology like digital cameras, smartphones, etc.
Devotion: This is Love 12/5/2013
  a Christmas devotion based on 1 John 4:9-12
Servant Events: Top 10 Ways to Build Community 2/3/2014
  Ways to build community on a Servant Event
Skit: Hearing 8/16/2012
  A skit based on Mark 7:31-37
Skit: The Park Date 11/13/2012
  Jim and Chloe have arranged to meet at a park. The two have been dating for three months. Recently their relationship changed, and sex entered the picture. Now Chloe fears that she is pregnant, and Jim has purchased a pregnancy kit for her.
Servant Events: Top 10 Things to Remember After Your Event 2/25/2014
  Top 10 things to remember after your servant event
It's Your Serve: Preparing to Host Your First Servant Event 3/19/2014
  This resource provides an overview of how to help your students serve children, youth, families and adults in your church and community and leave behind a "fingerprint of faith."
Word One Leader Guide 11/6/2013
Viewing Guide: The Passion of the Christ 3/13/2014
  a viewing guide and other resources for the film The Passion of the Christ
Artistic Games 4/8/2014
  Games that allow for some artistic or creative expression.
Obstacle Course/Race/Relay Games 4/8/2014
  Various games set up as obstacle courses, races, or relays.
About Word One Bible Studies 11/6/2013
Servant Event: Top 10 Ways to Increase Financial Resources 2/24/2014
  Top 10 ways to increase your servant event's financial resources.

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