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Jason Christ

Get Connected - Your Ministry Depends On It 7/2/2007
  Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives and it's changing the way we connect with one another. Technology calls for a balanced approach. Ignoring new technologies that are available for ministry is a mistake. Equally obvious is that giving up face-to-face time with youth is a mistake. To continue reaching this generation of students, we must leverage this technology into effective ministry. Consider four tips to help you along the way.
Devotion: Called Out of Egypt 1/6/2012
  a devotion on Matthew 2:15
Overhauling Your Toolbox: New Tools for Ministry 2/4/2009
  DCE Jason Christ presents several new technologies that can help you in ministry.
Devotion: Called a Nazarene 1/9/2012
  a devotion on Matthew 2:23
Devotion: Filled with the Spirit 1/16/2012
  a devotion on Luke 4:18-19
Devotion: Signs and Miracles 1/23/2012
  a devotion on Matthe 8:16-17

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