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Mary Hilgendorf

Dr. Mary Hilgendorf serves as the Director of the Women's Leadership Institute and Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. She is married to Duane Hilgendorf, Vice President of Advancement at Concordia, and they have one son and daughter-in-law, and one daughter and son-in-law, and one basset hound. Mary is a frequent speaker at women's conferences and educational seminars. She is very enthusiastic about providing educational opportunities for women to grow in their unique gifts of leadership.   

Devotion: Heroes Of Faith
  a devotion on Hebrews 11:1-2
Jephthah - A Devotion
  Jephthah - A Devotion
Samson - A Devotion
  Samson - A Devotion
Barak - A Hero Of Faith? - A Devotion
  Barak - A Hero Of Faith? - A Devotion
Devotion: Gideon
  a devotion on Judges 6:14-16
Girl Talk: Seize your Esther Moments 8/4/2008
  God used Esther to influence a king and change the fate of a nation. In what way is God calling you to be a woman of influence?
Girl Talk: Seize your Martha Moments 9/5/2008
  Learn from Martha to ask the tough questions.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Anna Moments! 12/8/2008
  Embrace change and seize your Anna moments!
Girl Talk: Seize your Miriam Moments 10/3/2008
  Learn from Miriam how to praise God in every moment.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Priscilla Moments 11/5/2008
  Follow Priscilla's example of leadership.
Girl Talk: Seize Your Sarah Moments! 1/5/2009
  Learn leadership from Sarah

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