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Todd Liefer

Rev. Todd Liefer is the Associate Pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School of Wentzville, Missouri. He works primarily with youth, children's ministry and school families. He loves watching seeing new generations grow in their knowledge and love of Christ. In his free time, Todd loves to run, explore the outdoors and spend time with his family.

Here They Come 3/1/2005
  Youth ministry programming is a bridge from childhood to an adult relationship witht he congregation. After a young person "graduates" from youth group he needs to have the ambition to be an active member of the church for the rest of his life. This article is about how to help your youth get there successfully.
Retreating to the Haven 5/1/2004
  The Haven is a place of refuge for the students of Concordia University, Wisconsin, offering them the opportunity to to sing praises to God and hear about great topics geared toward young adults. In this article, a Concordia student offers his perspective on how helpful such a program can be to college life.
Who Needs a Crystal Ball 10/30/2007
  Recognizing that God's Word holds more promises about our future than we can ever imagine, we can be free from worry about the details.
How to Write a Bible Study 6/3/2013
  Tips on how to write a Bible study for youth

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