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Emily (Norman) Phoenix
Emily (Norman) Phoenix graduated from Concordia University, Seward and received her DCE certification in 2008. She is currently serving at Galilee Lutheran Church in Pasadena, MD. She pursued DCE ministry to fulfill her desire to serve God in many and various ways. "I really enjoy the opportunity to work with all ages and help them understand and apply their faith in Jesus Christ in their lives."

Life Issues and Youth Ministry 8/15/2011
  Youth ministry speaks to the full range of life issues of youth in the congregation and the community.
Devotion - God's Love is...Unfolding! 8/4/2008
  God reveals His love to us each day. And as we get to know Him better, His love is unfolding!
Devotion - God's Love...Names Us! 8/25/2008
Devotion - God's Love is...A Fresh Start 1/12/2009
God's Love is...Clear! 1/12/2009
Devotion - God's Love is...Not Muddy! 1/12/2009
God's Love...Reminds us to Sit! 7/13/2009
Devotion: God's Love Carries Us! 7/20/2009
A Guide to Internship: What Does This Mean? 5/29/2009
  DCE Emily Norman shares some tips on how to thrive during DCE internship.
Devotion: God's Love is...Humble 12/10/2009
  on humility and service
Devotion - God's Love is...In our Prayers 8/11/2008
Devotion - God's Love is...LOUD! 8/20/2008
Devotion - God's Love is...Contentment 1/12/2009
Devotion: God's Love is...Abounding! 7/27/2009
  a devotion on Joel 2:12-13
Devotion: God's Love is...REST! 7/6/2009
Devotion: God's Love is...Brighter than the Sun! 10/14/2009
  a devotion on Acts 26:13
Devotion: God's Love is...BOLD! 10/29/2009
Devotion: God's Love is...A Light for our Path! 12/21/2009
Bible Study: When I Grow Up 10/2/2008
  This Bible study by DCE Emily Norman looks at questions youth ask as they prepare for life after high school, giving them a Scriptural foundation they can use as they make plans about college career, and life.
Bible Study: Losers vs. Winners 5/7/2010
  What does it mean to be a winner according to the world? What does it mean to be a winner according to God? This study looks at how our perceptions and our lives are changed as we are transformed by God working in our lives. This study works well as a series or at a retreat.
Retreat Planning 101 4/30/2010
  The top things you should think about when planning a retreat.
Devotion: Light of the World 5/24/2012
  Jesus is our help and guide, our light in the darkness.
Devotion: The Good Shepherd 5/28/2012
  Jesus calls Himself the Good Shepherd, associating Himself with a lowly, average position.
Serve Locally 3/22/2013
  Why serve locally? Why not?
Devotion: Jesus - Bread of Life 5/15/2012
  Jesus, who identifies Himself as the Bread of Life, fills our souls!
Devotion: Jesus - The Resurrection 6/4/2012
  Because Jesus is the Resurrection, we can share in His resurrection from death.
Bible Study: Pay It Forward 6/13/2014
Word One Bible Study: Easter 4 First Reading 4/28/2014
  Bible study on Acts 2:42-47 for the fourth Sunday in Easter, lectionary series A

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