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Lindsey Berndt

Devotion: Zealots...Are you one of them? 9/5/2008
  a devotion on Romans 12:11
Devotion: Working with God as your Master 9/12/2008
  a devotion on Matthew 6:24
Devotion: Complete Trust: Can You Do It? 10/3/2008
  a devotion on Proverbs 3:5-6
Devotion: Come to My Rescue 9/24/2008
  a devotion on Psalm 31:2
What do I need a BRICK for? Five Tips Useful to Youth Ministry 5/29/2009
  Our own hope and faith is built on the firm foundation of Christ Jesus our Savior. I use this to carry over to youth ministry. A foundation is huge! And best if its made out of sturdy material.... I choose the BRICK. Instead of a pearl of wisdom...I present a BRICK of wisdom.

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