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Hannah Miller
Hannah was born in southern Illinois and is now serving as a DCE at Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City, where she has been for almost 6 years via Concordia Seward. Hannah works mainly with the middle and high school gruops. She likes Cardinals baseball, good food, walking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She also loves (mostly) every minute spent working with the youth she has been blessed to serve.

Ministry Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 12/8/2008
  In church work, particularly in youth ministry, ministry teams are prevalent. Whether they are short term or long term, professional or volunteer, there is an opportunity for youth workers to continually be working on or in ministry teams.
Building Local and Global Awareness in Your Group: A How-To 3/3/2009
  Practical ways to build awareness of the needs of the world.
Youth Ministry Basics: Starting the School Year 9/10/2009
  Top ten ideas to help de-stress your schedule
Youth Ministry Basics: Change and Grief 9/24/2009
  Helping youth through times of change and grief.
Youth Ministry Basics: Living Good Stories 10/22/2009
Youth Ministry Basics: Girls and Boys, pt. 1 11/5/2009
  on working with teenage boys
Youth Ministry Basics: Girls and Boys, pt. 2 11/19/2009
  on working with teenage girls
Youth Ministry Basics: A Technology Dictionary 12/17/2009
He Eats with Sinners 11/5/2008
  Following Christ's example of loving the world.
Youth Ministry Basics: Ch-ch-ch-change 10/8/2009
  On change and confirmation
Youth Ministry Basics: More than Dirty Santa 12/3/2009
  Ways your group can connect locally and nationally to help the needy during the Christmas season.
Youth Ministry Basics: Teen Moms 1/8/2010
Youth Ministry Basics: Authentic Relationships 2/11/2010
  Part of the way we bring the message of Jesus' loves to students is by creating authentic, lasting relationships. One of the best models we have is Jesus' time with His disciples.
Youth Ministry Basics: Youth Led Worship 1/21/2010
  Some tips on planning a youth-led worship service.
Responding to Tragedy 2/25/2010
  How do you help students deal when tragedy happens?
Youth Ministry Basics: Volunteer Problems and Solutions 3/11/2010
  Solutions for when a volunteer isn't the right fit or gets in over their heads.
Youth Ministry Basics: Working with Volunteers, 2 3/25/2010
  More common problems and solutions that arise when working with volunteers
Working With Volunteers, pt. 3 4/15/2010
  On working with highly equipped, highly educated one and working with the take charge or take over types.
Youth Ministry Basics: The Response to Bullying 4/29/2010
  What is the role of a youth worker--full or part-time--when bullying is present? Can you prevent bullying?
Youth Ministry Basics: Senior Recognition 6/10/2010
  As students enter college and step away from the carefully constructed boundaries of high school and youth groups, what are we giving them to help prepare them for that journey?
Youth Ministry Basics: The Response to Bullying, pt. 2 5/20/2010
  What are the ways that we, as youth workers, parents, teachers, or pastors handle online bullying?
Changing Confirmation 6/25/2012
  Confirmation has been and is one of our best opportunities to teach our students and their families about our Christian faith and Lutheran heritage, but like many things, may need some tweaking to better fit the needs of the church today.
Devotion: The Candle of Hope 12/3/2012
  Because of Jesus' great love for us, we are no longer lost.
Devotion: The Candle of Preparation 12/10/2012
  We can be thankful that Jesus has conquered all of the distractions in our lives.
Advent Devotions: The Candles of Advent 12/3/2012
  Advent devotions focusing on the candles in the Advent wreath.
Devotion: The Candles of Joy and Love 12/18/2012
  The Christmas message of joy and love is one we especially need these days.

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