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Jonathan Ruehs
Jonathan is the Residential Coordinator of Spiritual Life at Concordia University Irvine.

Biblical Case Study: Jesus vs. Satan 12/9/2011
  This Bible study takes a look at how Jesus overcame temptation.
Bible Study: David and Jonathan 4/16/2012
  David and Jonathan provide an interesting case study in godly friendships, as an unlikely pair given David's destiny to serve as the "Anointed King" of Israel in place of Prince Jonathan whose father hates David. The "soap opera-esque" dynamics provide an interesting look at how a friendship that is founded in Jesus can overcome all kinds of worldly obstacles.
Citizenship and the Christan Adolescent 3/3/2009
  Promoting citizenship within your youth group.
Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul 12/4/2009
  Why we celebrate Lent, and things to do with your group during this time.
Advent: A Time Worth Waiting For 10/16/2009
  Why we celebrate Advent, and a few things to do with youth during this season of waiting.
Devotion: So You Want to be a Disciple, Do You? 7/27/2012
  When we feel overly burdened, we can remember Jesus' call to be our burden-bearer.
Devotion: May the be with You 8/2/2012
  The Holy Spirit empowers us to grow in faith in God.
Devotion: Cosmic Celebration
  Jesus' victory over evil is cause for a cosmic celebration!
Devotion: The Light Saber of the Spirit 8/7/2012
  Jesus helps us in our daily battles against the powers of darkness.
Bible Study: Hall of Heroes 8/21/2012
  We stand shoulder to shoulder with heroes of the past in the great Kingdom halls of our Savior!
Apologia: Sanctity of Life 11/30/2012
  An explanation of what we believe about the Sanctity of Life.

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