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Candice Hill

Bible Study: Through the Desert with a Bunch of Flaky Whiners 5/29/2009
  A 5-part Bible study by DCE Candice Bielss on Moses and many of his moments in ministry. This study is a great personal reflection for anyone in youth ministry, and could also be used with ministry teams.
Bible Study: What is Marriage? 10/29/2012
  A quick Google search on marriage, a short session of channel-flipping or a poll of one's social circle will easily show you that it is a question with various answers, many of them contradictory to each other. As Christians, this is one of the most important questions we can ask, and it is imperative that we know how God answers this question as revealed in Scripture. With prayer and open hearts, let's take a look at God's definition of marriage and what that means for our lives.
Bible Study: He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia! 1/11/2013
  Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with this Easter Bible study.
Apologia: Why Doesn't God Prevent Sin? 4/12/2013
  Our world is broken. Sin has broken everything that exists and has ever existed since Adam and Eves fall. It destroys all relationships between God, creation and humankind. Sin brings death and destruction, and it separates us from God, from nature and from each other. So why didnt God prevent sin? Why doesnt He prevent it now?

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