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Tim Rippstein

Missional Youth Programs 7/1/2006
  Today's generations of youth, by and large, see a world in need of change and want to do something about it. This article discusses how you might meet their desire with a missional programming focus.
Sabbath as a Cure to Busyness 7/6/2009
  Busyness is a disease that infects us all. Sabbath rest is the cure.
Bible Study: Sabbath Rest 7/6/2009
A Meditative Exercise in Sabbath Being 7/6/2009
Word One: Lectio Divina, Psalm 73 6/25/2010
  A lectio divina experience for youth ministry, meditating on Psalm 73.
A Bone to Pick with God--Christian Meditation 9/3/2010
Developing Spiritual Giants through Spiritual Disciplines 6/25/2010
Bible Study: A Bone to Pick with God--Christian Meditation 9/3/2010

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