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Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas is a Senior Director of Christian Education Student at Concordia University Texas. She currently lives in Austin, Texas, and is excited and looking forward to graduating in the Fall of 2010, after which she will begin her internship. Katie is a native Texan, born and raised in Katy, Texas, home of the fighting Katy Tigers (ha ha). She loves reaching out to and sharing the love of Christ with junior high and high school students. She looks forward to the many doors God will open and the opportunity to serve in my future ministry. Katie loves sharks, Star Wars, shopping, eating ice cream in the winter, snow-cones if she can find them, Huts Hamburgers, Batman, the color yellow, polka dots, writing, watching Lost, and running. She tries to live as a humble servant to God and be a light that leads others to Christ in her daily faith walk.

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