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Paul Holte

Skit: The Loneliest, Homeliest Waddif and How He Changed 7/27/2011
  The loneliest, homeliest little Waddif experiences Grace and changes forever.
Skit: Charity Case 10/5/2011
  And they shall say, "Lord when did we see thee...?"
Skit: I was a Teenage Nobody 3/1/2004
  The central character of this poem-like skit is "Nobody" who mourns a lonely life rejected by "Them". It takes the intercession of "Somebody" to show acceptance, love, and the community of the body of Christ.
Skit: They Have Their Reward 3/1/2006
  From the Youth Ministry Archives: In this short drama, a motley cast of characters discuss what it means to be successful, but only one character gets it right.

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