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Helen Jameson

Skit: Invitation to the Dance 6/1/2009
  Jesus invites us to dance with Him for eternity. His arms are open, ready to receive a partner. He leads, and we follow. Who will accept the invitation to dance with Him?
Skit: Thirsty for the Word 6/1/2009
  A Wanderer stumbles upon an oasis in the Desert of Sin and finds what he is most thirsty for.
Skit: Making the Grade 6/1/2009
  A student must choose between denying or supporting her faith in a confrontation with a college professor.
Skit: On the Edge 3/23/2010
  Vern Phillips is depressed with his life and ready to end it all. An angel's intervention helps him to realize the value of his life.
Skit: A Conversation with Kayla 6/1/2009
  Life isn't what it always appears to be. A teenage girl has a conversation in passing with her mother. The question is what is the girl really communicating, and who is there to listen.
Skit: Following the Shepherd 6/1/2009
  Four actors dressed as sheep make reference to the Good Shepherd.
Skit: An Old Lady, A Door, and A Taxi 4/9/2010
  A monologue dealing with the least of these and the affect of one.
Skit: Little Man, Big Attitude 4/30/2010
  Zacchaeus was a little man with a little heart who was so driven by his desire to see Jesus that he climbed a tree. Tax collecting was a despicable profession. Jesus accepts/recognizes Zacchaeus as a forgiven and valuable soul. Zacchaeus came down from the tree and went to the Jesus tree for forgiveness.
Devotion: Clean 11/20/2012
  Only Jesus can make you clean on the inside.
Devotion: Shine 11/27/2012
  Nothing is impossible with God.
Easy Exits 11/12/2012
  No matter what difficulties you may be experiencing, Jesus will carry the load with you.
Devotion: Lightning Strikes 11/6/2012
  A devotion for a tough situation. Choose Living Water. Choose life.

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