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Dean Nadasdy

Skit: A Parable: The Land of Mirrors 8/1/2004
  In the "Land of Mirrors" no one can see themselves clearly and so imagine themselves to be perfect. Once the mirrors are cleaned each one sees their own faults and weaknesses. This skit raises the issue of recognizing our sinfulness in order to see our need for a Savoir.
Skit: Jennifer and the Wizard of Who 3/1/2007
  In this skit Jennifer enters the "Land of Who" in her search for identity and self-esteem. There she is confronted by the Wizards of Who, who offer her varied approaches to her quest. Ultimately, she finds her answer in the word of God and her identity in Him.
Skit: The One in Charge Knows 8/1/2007
  Imagine three little ones, yet unborn, considering their future in a pretty messed up world. Like them, we lean on the grace of "the One in Charge."
Bible Study: Gifted 11/9/2011
  These studies encourage young people to identify with a few spiritual gifts from a list of 15.
Six Shades of Purple: Chancel Dramas for Lent 1/6/2012
  If these dramas in any way prod repentance, ask for Easter or make purple a color approaching hope, they will have reached their mark.
Skit: No Strings 9/12/2012
  Love can take on one of two characteristics. Love can be given or withheld depending on how someone meets our expectations. Or love can be given freely with no strings because we continue loving even when someone fails to please us. The latter marks the love of God and can free families for a deeper kind of loving.
Advent Gospel Dramas 9/2/2011
  Through parable, fantasy or direct reference, this drama series is a way to capture the obvious and the subtle themes in the Gospels for Advent through Epiphany.

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