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Tom Roma

Tom was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised properly as an avid Cardinals fan. After realizing the past life of his, and where in this life God made the impact, He felt the tug on his heart to jump into full-time ministry since Christ had had such a profound impact on him - continuing to reveal Himself through many different experiences, joys and trials of life. Tom now finds himself a few years away from graduating from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, currently in Conover, North Carolina on vicarage at Concordia Lutheran Church. He loves to ride motorcycles, wants a boxer, has a fiancée that he loves dearly, and has a list of books-to-read that continues to get longer by the week. He is a slow reader, but enjoys to read in the evenings over coffee - black, no room for cream! Tom has a younger brother, a mother who is a nurse and father who is a pastor - and a God who is in love with him and His people!

What Happened to Prayer? Teaching a Spiritual Discipline 10/1/2010

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