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Mark Engelhardt

Skit: Legion 5/15/2013
  a skit based on Luke 8:26-39
Skit: The Apostle's Creed 6/6/2011
  Looking for creative ways to teach the Apostle's Creed? Use these three skits!
Skit: The Ripple 2/4/2011
  One person questioning God's will for them in his life, lamenting over his lack of "skills"; in the process he helps several people who cross the stage in front of him; he unwittingly helps each person using the gifts/skills that God has given him.
Skit: Trusting Jesus 1/28/2011
  Three monologues by three separate people. The first monologue is on trusting Jesus even when we have doubts. The second monologue is on trusting Jesus in times of indecision. The third monologue is on trusting Jesus when our lives are filled with anxiety.
Skit: Don't Forget Your Umbrella 5/21/2013
  Joe doesn't have much success in sharing God's Word.

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