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Youth Ministry Classics

Life...The Great Pressure Cooker 5/18/2011
  Help junior high youth find ways to deal with the pressure in their lives with this junior high event.
Let's Lead - Parents and Youth Ministry 8/24/2011
  Parents are one of God's greatest gifts to the church, for without parents there would be no need for future planning boards, no need for Sunday School, and certainly no need for youth ministry.
Worship Service: Celebrating Advent 9/7/2011
  In Advent we prepare in humility for the holy joy of welcoming Gods Son. The season brings a note of repentance and rejoicing. This worship service helps us to prepare and rejoice.
I'm More than Just Who You Think I am...I'm Me! 6/1/2011
  Self-esteem is shaped through many experiences, and many different people have an impact on how we view ourselves.
Let's Lead - Liability and Legality 8/11/2011
  These days, legal complications may rear their ugly head in the life of the most dedicated youth worker. It is helpful to know what kinds of liability you may have if you participate actively in youth ministry.
Bible Study: With Arms Outstretched 11/2/2011
  These three Bible studies are designed to help us explore some of our fears of being unloved as we seek the Spirit's help to open us to receive caring from others.
Skit: Worldly Treasures 10/5/2011
  We often feel the need to be surrounded by worldly possessions to survive, yet Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:19-21 that the most important treasures are those we store in heaven.
Family Night: MMMM Good--M&Ms 10/12/2011
  Do parents know how their teenager(s) regard the stewardship of time, talents and treasure? Do students have any idea why their parents handle their finances like they do and what value they put on their time and talents? This family night will give parents and teens a great chance to talk about these things.
Bible Study: Philippians 11/30/2011
  Even though Paul writes his letter to the Philippians from prison, he knows that he and his friends live under God's umbrella.
Youth Ministry Travel Pack 6/15/2011
  Use this classic youth ministry resource as you plan trips and events with youth.
Let's Lead - Volunteers 8/17/2011
  Dividing youth volunteer tasks into more specific job descriptions can help your ministry by involving more adults.
Lock-In: Bread of Life 11/16/2011
  This lock-in/servant event is intended to focus on the ordinary substance of bread with the prayer that God will use that also to accomplish the spectacular.
On Our Way to Easter 1/25/2012
  In this resource, you will find many ideas for celebrating this most joyous of occasions. First, you will discover a basic worship experience. Then follow several ideas and suggestions--to be used with this service or separately.
Let's Lead - Youth Leadership 8/4/2011
  Youth are amazing people! They are capable of so much. Their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity is boundless. How can we capture those talents and put them to good and positive use in youth ministry?
Skit: What Are You Worth? 2/8/2012
  By the power of the Spirit, participants will see and grow in the reality and value of faith as a uniquely human gift and asset for handling the stress of life.
Retreat: Black and White and Shades of Gray 2/23/2012
  Because we desire the simplicity of being able to view life's issues as black and white, shades of gray make us uncomfortable and create tension for us. This retreat will help you explore these issues with youth.
Fundraiser: 1950's Drive-In 3/28/2012
  Turn your church parking lot into a drive-in scene from the 1950's and make money while you have fun!
A Pentecost Choral Reading 4/25/2012
  This Pentecost Choral Reading of Matthe 25:31-46 looks at what God's glory is all about.
Ascension Worship Experience 4/20/2012
  This ascension worship event is designed for the whole church family. It is a celebration of Jesus' earthly pilgrimage and the completion of His task on earth.
I'm a Youth Counselor! Now What? 5/9/2012
  As you begin your work ywith youth you will want to identify and clarify the expectations the people of your congregation have of you and your task.
Retreat: Forgivers 9/26/2012
  This retreat focuses on being both forgiven and forgivers.
Skit: Two Dispensations 5/30/2012
  A dialog based on 2 Corinthians 3:4-9
Bible Study: My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? 1/25/2013
  There are times that we feel forsaken. This Bible study will help us find ways of dealing with it.
Skit: Doubting Thomas 2/6/2013
Bible Study: Family Conflicts - Resolving or Dissolving 10/17/2012
  Family conflict is fact, not fiction, and will continue, rather than disappear, because even as Christians we still have our sinful human nature. But thanks be to Godthrough Jesus Christ we have Gods forgiveness and His own love to enable us to combat our sinful nature and to resolve family conflicts.
Skit: The Gift of Blood 2/18/2013

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