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Dave Rueter
Dave is Youth & Family Facilitator for the Pacific Southwest District as well as Assistant Professor of Christian Education at Concordia University, Irvine.

A Lutheran Understanding of Discipleship 11/14/2013
  a Lutheran understanding of what discipleship is and is not
Cultivating an Outreach Culture 11/4/2011
  A brief look at the values that serve to build an outreach culture in youth ministry.
Review: Youth Ministry Nuts and Bolts 1/27/2012
  Robbins has again presented a volume on the breadth of the practice of youth ministry that is worthy of prime shelf space in our offices.
Confirmation Practices and Youth Connectedness to Church Life 6/3/2011
  Is there a connection between models and methods of confirmation instruction and continued congregational connectedness of confirmation students after they have been through the Rite of Confirmation?
Bible Study: Hold On Loosely 10/7/2011
  Christians are to view their blessings as true gifts from God for use according to His will and for His purposes.
The Spiritual Care and Nurture of Volunteers 5/15/2012
  How do you recruit volunteers? What qualities are you looking for in a volunteer? What kind of jobs do you give to volunteers?
Review: Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches 4/26/2012
  Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller churches is a well-crafted book written for the vast majority of churches with a handful of teenagers.
Review: The New Breed 5/29/2012
  In The New Breed: Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer, father and son Jonathan and Thomas McKee set out to help church leaders extend their reach of ministry through the effective use of volunteers.
What is Confirmation 6/8/2012
  Confirmation is both the rite of the church whereby individuals make a public affirmation of their baptismal faith as well as an educational ministry whereby the church imparts training in the basics of the faith.
Discipleship for the Youth Worker 7/30/2013
  As you grow disciples, take the time to grow as a disciple yourself.
Homosexuality and the Church's Response 3/12/2014
  How do we in the church speak the truth in love when it comes to the topic of homosexuality?

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