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Jacob Heine

Devotion: A Word of Promise 3/6/2012
  It is against the stark background of our sin that the promises of God shine.
Devotion: A Word of Peace 3/19/2012
  In becoming sin Jesus does the absolute unthinkable, He takes the punishment of the sins that we deserve, separation from the Father.
Devotion: A Word of Desire 3/26/2012
Devotion: A Word of Release 4/2/2012
  It is a release to realize and understand that God is God and we are not.
Devotion: A Word of Forgiveness 2/27/2012
  The first words of Jesus on the cross show the extent to which he would go for us.
Devotion: A Word of Love 3/12/2012
  It was love that brought Jesus to become incarnate.

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