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Brandon Metcalf

Brandon is currently serving as a DCE intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Lake Ozark, MO. The internship is his final year in the DCE program at Concordia University-Nebraska. Out of all his ministry roles, he especially loves teaching and speaking to those of all ages. His theme verse for ministry is Ephesians 6:19, "Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth words may be given me, so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel."

All Things New: What are we doing wrong? 12/12/2013
  Why are we losing so many young people after they leave our groups?
Bible Study: Living Worship 6/8/2012
  We must see worship as what God does for us, eliciting our response to His grace. Use this Bible study to dive into the concept of the worship lifestyle.
Devotion: Everyday Service 4/4/2013
  a devotion on Ephesians 5:1-2
All Things New: Becoming a Better Servant Leader 1/9/2014
  What does it mean for the youth worker to be a servant leader?
All Things New: Lock-In Lessons 2/5/2014
  Everything you do in youth ministry needs a purpose.
All Things New: Keep the Dream Alive 4/4/2014
  Lay a solid foundation for keeping your ministry dreams alive.
All Things New: The Waiting Game 4/16/2014
  So what are you waiting for in your ministry? What is it that you are looking forward to that will take you to the "next step" with your group?
Devotion: Who do we Serve? 3/27/2013
  We know we're supposed to serve others, but who are these others? And how do we know when we've done enough?
All Things New: The Body of Christ 7/24/2013
  The first week of DCE internship offers some important lessons on the body of Christ
All Things New: Meeting New Family at a Family Reunion 8/5/2013
  A trip to the National Youth Gathering was a great chance to become closer to the church family.
All Things New: The Challenge of Challenging Youth 9/19/2013
  Youth are used to receiving challenges. So, how is the church challenging them?
All Things New: Being a Team Player 11/4/2013
  As you youth worker, you're always part of a team ministry.
All Things New: Moving Outside the Church Walls 3/19/2014
  Serving outside of your congregation can enhance your service within it.
All Things New: Dealing with Low Attendance 2/25/2014
  What does it mean when you have low attendance at an event, and how do you handle it?
All Things New: The Habit of Meeting Together 3/11/2014
  Get in the habit of meeting together to support and encourage.
Devotion: Who Serves? 3/13/2013
  Service isn't just for adults or those with professional training.
Devotion: Foundation of Service 3/6/2013
  God tells us that just as trees are stable because they are rooted in the ground, we are to be rooted in love.
Devotion: The Purpose of Service 3/20/2013
  Why do we serve?
All Things New: Vacation Bible School or Volunteers Becoming Servants? 8/21/2013
  Vacation Bible School becomes a great chance to see volunteers in action.
All Things New: Find a Support System 10/16/2013
  Who is sharpening you? It's important to turn to other people for advice, ideas or words of affirmation.
All Things New: Mid-Year Reflections 1/22/2014
  Brandon reflects on the mid-year point of his internship and shares six key things he has learned.
All Things New: Who Do You Act Like? 11/26/2013
  Who we spend time with makes a difference in what we act like.
All Things New: The Role of Worship in Youth Ministry 6/11/2014

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