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Kids, Christ, and Culture: What's New Under the Sun (2/1/2006)
  Youth workers are at a bind when it comes to just how much our youth should be involved in our culture and the world. Dr. Russ Moulds provides some advice in this article.
Servant Formation: Not Nice, but Good (9/5/2008)
  An in-depth look at servant-hood and adolescent development, and some talking points to generate conversation with youth.
The Age of Fragmentation: Spiritual Living in the Digital World (3/15/2007)
  The "digital age" has created what this author calls the "fragmentation age." Much of our technology allows individuals to disengage from community and pursue their own interests without having to consider the needs of others. How are Christians to cope?
In Your Face (8/1/2004)
  Much can be learned from some good, healthy competition. A positive understanding of competition can help us stand up to life's challenges and can be an enormous resource for our young people. This article discusses how.
Being in the World (7/1/2006)
  Youth of today have little choice but to be in the world. One of the best gifts we can give is to prepare them for what they might face and equip them with the tools they will need to remain different.
A Difference worth Changing (12/1/2004)
  The differences between people and cultures can be wonderful, but there is one difference that should never be tolerated. In this article, Tiffany Talsma, daughter of missionaries to Nigeria, discusses what she learned about living as a Christian in a different world.
Bible Study: Redesigning the Created Human Being (11/19/2010)
  This Bible study will examine the redesigning of the created human being via Assistive Reprodctive Technology, and its impact on the future of mankind as some use this biotechnology in the pursuit of happiness and personal desire. This purpose will be examined in light of 'what it means to be human' as a created and redeemed child of God.
Veritas: Playing With God's Deck - Concerning Relative Truth (4/1/2006)
  A look at the tolerant relativism of American society. Christians teens need to take a stand for truth, with the help and by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Youth Ministry Basics: Teen Moms (1/8/2010)
Filtering Media Messages in a Christian Home (3/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses how parents might approach the problem of questionable TV content and set fair limits in their homes.
Sandy Hook (12/21/2012)
  Even in a dark world, a light of hope shines.
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Nerd (8/17/2010)
Top 10 Stories of 2010 (2/16/2011)
Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Jobs (2/28/2012)
  Across the nation, the employment rate has plummeted for teens between the ages of 16 and 19 from 45% employment in 2001 to only 26% in 2011.
Information Gaps (6/21/2011)
  news and information is transitioning from being static and universal to more varied and self-selecting, causing some teens and even adults to have large gaps of information.
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Sometimes You Have to Go to Spencer's (9/14/2009)
  The ministry musings of a pop culture junkie
Snark, Crackle, Pop: BP PR (8/5/2010)
Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Gender Neutral (10/5/2011)
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Cell Phones...Love 'Em or Hate 'Em (11/9/2009)
Complex Text (4/7/2011)
  While we believe everyone can read and understand God's Word, it never occurred to me that the reason some students struggle, refuse and rebel against reading the Bible on their own would be that they simply don't have the right skills and experience to deal with the text.
Physical Pain vs. Emotional Pain (4/19/2011)
  Does the emotional pain of a breakup trigger the same parts of the brain as physical pain? What does this mean for working with youth?
Am I Ugly? (3/13/2012)
  Julianna takes a look at the recent "Am I Ugly?" YouTube trend.
Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Drinking and Rules (4/17/2012)
  A science lesson on the teenage brain and approach and avoidance cues related to alcohol, and how parents can help.
Listen Up-Introducing Youth to Positive Music (5/1/2005)
  The war for our teens' minds and spirits is being fought in many corridors. One of the most obvious battles is being waged in the halls of music. Strap on the armor of God and join the fray.
Bible Study: Jesus and Culture (11/3/2008)
  This four-part Bible study looks at who Jesus is and answers questions like What has the cultural embrace of a distorted Jesus done to our view of our Savior? Does the insertion of a distorted Jesus into secular culture make the culture more Christian, or Christianity more secular? Should Jesus simply be my Savior, or must He also be all those things that a therapeutic culture demands?
Five Insights about Today's Teens (2/6/2012)
  Despite the differences in our attitudes, experiences, and personalities, today's teens are our best allies in a hope for a brighter future.
Yesterday and Today (2/10/2012)
  There have been a lot of changes in the last few decades, but some things remain the same.
Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Choices (1/29/2013)
  Our heroes may fail us, but God never does.
Female Bullying Mean Girls (3/1/2006)
  Most women have participated in female bullying at some point in their lives, either as aggressors or victims. This article discusses how adults can recognize trouble before it starts and how they can step in for the spiritual sakes of all the girls involved.
Blurred Boundaries-Gender Differences and Roles (4/1/2004)
  The boundaries between gender identity/roles and sexuality are being stretched and blurred every day, in every way. Youth workers are in a unique position to bring the focus back to Scripture, which teaches young people who God made them to be. This article discusses how to go about doing just that.

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