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Review - Partnering with Parents (8/4/2008)
  Working with parents can be an elusive task for the youth worker. We like having parents around, but don't always know what to do with them. The book Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry offers some suggestions.
A Four-Part Conversational Bible Study that's all about Family (3/1/2007)
  Families. We all have them, for better or worse. Families ideally bring us a loving base from which to venture into the larger world. And in this setting we are loved for who we are, not what we do. This Bible study teaches that all of us belong, or can belong, to such a family. On an eternal scale.
Skit: The Dinner Table (12/1/2006)
  Eating together as a family is possible--but not probable. See it from the perspective of your dinning room chairs in this creative mini-skit.
One Family Matter that Really Matters (1/1/2004)
  The time you spend with your children is second in importance only to the lessons you teach them of Christ's love and forgiveness. This article by Rev. Terry Dittmer, originally published in December 2003, offers encouragement to all Christians seeking to give their loved ones that "perfect gift" during the holiday season.
Life Blood (3/1/2005)
  One of the top priorities of any youth program should be to give teens ample opportunity to build connections with Christian adults, especially their parents. A family-centered youth program gives you more freedom to help make those connections happen.
Youth Ministry is Family Inclusive (7/29/2011)
  Youth ministry is family inclusive.
Skit: Good, can you hear me now? (9/1/2004)
  In our media saturated world it's hard to hear what matters in the midst of what doesn't. Lines get crossed and communication fails in this brother-sister dialogue.
Systems Breakdown-The Face of Family Ministry In Many LCMS Congregations (2/1/2004)
  The Body of Christ includes all baptized people, from infants to the elderly. Connecting all God's people in family ministry programming gives individual congregations, and the individuals that make them up, a stronger presence in the world.
Family Guy: Whose Ministry Is it? (5/29/2007)
  Dr. Thad Warren shares what happens when you invite other adults in your congregation to be a part of a ministry that isn't yours alone.
Family Guy: Shaping Their Serve (3/3/2009)
  Providing opportunities for youth to work along side their parents and encouraging parents to be models in doing service together as families encourages a positive attitude about serving and increases the likelihood of them serving as adults.
Family Guy: Stable Patterns in a Chaotic World (2/1/2007)
  Research study after research study, both secular and Christian, continue to show that the number one influence on teenagers is not TV, peers, or marketing hounds. The number one influence by far in the life of teenagers is their parents.
The Rest of the Week The Professional's Responsibility (9/1/2005)
  Much research has been and is being done on the fostering and formation of faith. The research clearly speaks to the role of the faith community in this process. When youth ministry is done well, it seeks to enlighten the faith formation of youth, which includes the active engagement of the entire faith community, but most importantly, the youths' parents. This article talks about going beyond the pizza and fun to build a family-focused youth program for your congregation.
Family Guy: No Matter What (7/2/2007)
  How many times in our ministry with families and youth do we miss communicating the Gospel or assume that the message is being received? Consider this "Gospel check-up" as you reflect on the ministry you have been given with youth and their families.
A Day in the Life of a Fitz (5/1/2004)
  The Fitz Family is a family troupe of jugglers that has been performing since 1992 and has been traveling full time since 1994. This article is about their family and their work.
Adopted Hearts (1/1/2004)
  Families today come in many different shapes and sizes, from a single parent raising her children alone to grandparents, parents, children, and more living together under one roof. In this article, Jodi Kratzer, a senior at Lutheran High North, St. Louis, reminds us that the way a family looks doesn't matter, as long has God is at it's heart.
Doves and Pigeons (1/1/2004)
  Michelle Sperberg passed to eternal life with Jesus during the night of November 9, 2003 at the age of 17. Michelle battled cancer for three years. Her faith was an example to her friends and family and she was ready to pass into Jesus' arms. When Michelle wrote the following devotion, published in Stand Your Ground © 2001 CPH, she was just beginning her battle with cancer. Her words of faith and hope stand as a testament and an inspiration to us all.
Gather Ye Rosebuds...While They Are Still at Home (2/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses the importance of taking deliberate time with your children now, because tomorrow comes and goes much faster than you might think.
Reaching Across Prejudice (5/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses the problem of racism and teaching young people to reach out beyond social prejudice with the love of Christ.
To Catch A Busy Bee (6/1/2004)
  In this Parenting Point, Mary Halberg talks about how to best encourage the help of busy parents in the congregation you serve.
What-But It Isn't Lent (2/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses many ways families can draw closer together during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent.
Value and Joy of Family Service (1/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses the value of service and how families might deliberately serve together and thus come much closer to one another in Christ.
A Parent's Role in Teen Dating (4/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses how parents might best help their teens navigate the choppy waters of high school dating.
Family Night: Created to Serve (10/15/2012)
  This family night activity and devotion is designed to promote time of exploration and reflection, and can be done at home or on vacation or even during the over-scheduled times of life.
Bible Study: Family Conflicts - Resolving or Dissolving (10/17/2012)
  Family conflict is fact, not fiction, and will continue, rather than disappear, because even as Christians we still have our sinful human nature. But thanks be to Godthrough Jesus Christ we have Gods forgiveness and His own love to enable us to combat our sinful nature and to resolve family conflicts.

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