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Review: What Matters Most (7/1/2008)
  DCE Alaina Kleinbeck declares this a must read, especially for those times when your ministry and life is gearing up for a new cycle.
Review: Jesus Centered Youth Ministry (2/4/2009)
  Rick Lawrence's book helps you find the center of your youth ministry: Christ.
Review: Youth Ministry 3.0 (4/14/2009)
  Marko's Youth Ministry 3.0 invites readers to join the Youth Ministry conversation.
Review: A New Kind of Youth Ministry (8/31/2007)
  A new book, "A New Kind of Youth Ministry" brings our thESource reviewer a challenge to the idea of working in and among the traditional church.
Review - Deep Ministry in a Shallow World (7/2/2007)
  Discover lessons you already know, but need to hear again in this month's review of Clark and Powell's new work, Deep Ministry in a Shallow World.
Review: Growing Souls (11/5/2008)
  Review of Growing Souls by Mark Yaconelli
Review: Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry (10/3/2008)
  Review - DCE Alaina Kleinbeck gives Andrew Root's Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry four stars.
Review: Contemplative Youth Ministry (2/1/2007)
  Is Contemplative Youth Ministry a book worth reading? Check out this review and decide for yourself!
Review - Partnering with Parents (8/4/2008)
  Working with parents can be an elusive task for the youth worker. We like having parents around, but don't always know what to do with them. The book Partnering with Parents in Youth Ministry offers some suggestions.
Review - Hurt - Inside the World of Today's Teenager (5/29/2007)
  Hurt hits the spot for those of us that want to reach youth exactly where they are. While Clark occasionally dabbles with language more familiar to university classrooms, overall he writes for an audience that actively works with today’s teenagers. He places a new framework of understanding on the lives of today’s teenagers that demands adult attention.
Good Youth Ministry Knows its Foundation (8/4/2008)
  There's no one way to build youth ministry...but good youth ministry knows its foundations. Dr. Jim McConnell explores the concept of good youth ministry and how you can evaluate your program.
A Metaphor to Make Youth Group More Than a Social Club (7/1/2004)
  This short article offers a useful metaphor for discussing the importance of Christ's saving love with new and veteran member of your youth program.
Ministry to One (6/20/2011)
  Youth ministry is person oriented. Read to find out what this looks like in one particular congregation.
Who is YM For (1/1/2006)
  Youth ministry programming is best reserved for high-school aged teens. Want to know why? Check out this article.
Sustaining a Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry (1/1/2006)
  It is a noble thing to have a mission statement for your youth program that helps to keep your focus on the important things. This article helps you take it one step further in providing advice on keeping that focus on track.
A Whole Lot of Youth Ministry Going On (10/1/2004)
  In this article, Rev. Terry Dittmer discusses how all our actions should be directed by Christ and toward the honor of God. That's what makes youth ministry fun, challenging, and ministry.
Jesus Centered Youth Ministry (6/24/2011)
  Youth Ministry is centered in Jesus Christ...given in baptism...nurtured through the proclamation and study of God's Word...strengthened through participation in the Lord's Supper.
From Where I Sit: The Challenges and Joys of Youth Ministry (11/12/2010)
  Terry Dittmer, director of LCMS Youth Ministry, discusses the challenges and joys of Youth Ministry.
The Fund Raising Beast (8/1/2004)
  Fund-raising is an essential part to any youth program that hopes to go "off campus" for any reason. This article provides some advice on keeping your fund-raising activities in line with the fundamental goal of your program: Teaching youth of Christ's love.
Congregation Based Youth Ministry (9/2/2011)
  Youth ministry is congregation based.
Youth Ministry is Family Inclusive (7/29/2011)
  Youth ministry is family inclusive.
Young Adult Youth Leadership (6/1/2006)
  Effective programming for young adults must plug those young adults into the congregation as a whole. Youth group can be a good place to start young adults as mentors and volunteers as you seek to usher them into the larger church family.
The Prepositions of Youth Ministry (7/22/2011)
  Youth ministry is ministry to, by, with, through and for youth. But what does this look like?
The Rest of the Week The Professional's Responsibility (9/1/2005)
  Much research has been and is being done on the fostering and formation of faith. The research clearly speaks to the role of the faith community in this process. When youth ministry is done well, it seeks to enlighten the faith formation of youth, which includes the active engagement of the entire faith community, but most importantly, the youths' parents. This article talks about going beyond the pizza and fun to build a family-focused youth program for your congregation.
The Essential Volunteer Youth Ministry Library (6/1/2004)
  This helpful article provides a list of some essential youth programming resources for the volunteer youth worker.
Life Issues and Youth Ministry (8/15/2011)
  Youth ministry speaks to the full range of life issues of youth in the congregation and the community.
Youth Ministry Basics: Ch-ch-ch-change (10/8/2009)
  On change and confirmation
The Church of Today (7/15/2011)
  Youth ministry yupports young people as full members of the church today as well as the church of the future.
Philosophy of Fundraising (3/9/2012)
  Is fundraising, or not fundraising, accomplishing the goals and purpose of youth ministry? If you have answered this question already, now is a good time to think about it.
The Church's Mission to the World (8/19/2011)
  Youth Ministry Challenges Young People to Take a Role in Shaping the Church's Mission to the World
Confirmation Practices and Youth Connectedness to Church Life (6/3/2011)
  Is there a connection between models and methods of confirmation instruction and continued congregational connectedness of confirmation students after they have been through the Rite of Confirmation?
Equipping the Young Saints (7/8/2011)
  Youth ministry equips youth to utilize their God-given gifts as faithful disciples.
A Part Of, Not Apart From (8/5/2011)
  Youth Ministry is a part of and not apart from the congregation's life and mission.
Real Outreach: Who's Teaching You? (12/19/2012)
  Are you learning outreach practices from people who are doing outreach well?
Fundraising for the Why (3/9/2012)
  While there is certainly theological basis for fundraising to further the sharing of the Gospel with all people, perhaps you wonder what you can do to better your fundraising efforts besides praying more. Although we would encourage you to engross yourself in prayer, there is more to fundraising than solely praying and hoping.

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