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Team Ministry and Spiritual Accountability (2/1/2004)
  Regardless of how you serve in the congregation, it is helpful and beneficial to surround your work with people who can hold you "spiritually accountable."
The Art and Science of Recruitment (6/1/2004)
  Recruiting volunteers for your youth program takes both careful planning and a certain amount of panache. This article by DCE Brent Howard offers advice on how to approach those you would like to see involved in your congregation's program.
Jr. High and Sr. High Ministry: A Conversation (12/8/2008)
  DCEs Leon Jameson and Alaina Kleinbeck discuss ministry with junior high and senior high students.
On Your Mark, Get Set...Now, Where's the Starting Line?: A Volunteer's Guidebook to Beginning a Youth Ministry Program (10/30/2007)
  Starting a youth ministry is a lot of work. Leading a youth ministry can be similar to running a race in which you have no idea where you are running or why you're in the race at all. Discover a few tips to keep your stamina strong!
Ministry Teams: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (12/8/2008)
  In church work, particularly in youth ministry, ministry teams are prevalent. Whether they are short term or long term, professional or volunteer, there is an opportunity for youth workers to continually be working on or in ministry teams.
Betwixt: Expectations of Leaders (4/14/2011)
  One of the most important elements of my entire ministry, without a doubt, is my leaders. Without them, I'd be floundering alone in a dark, dangerous, and life-sucking whirlpool.

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