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From House of Pancakes to House of Prayer (5/1/2004)
  The Florida-Georgia District of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is hard at work supporting many outreach-based congregations, one of which is Salem Haitian Lutheran Church in Lake Worth, FL. Salem Haitian is the church home for many Haitian immigrants in the Lake Worth area. Read on to learn more about Salem's unique outreach base and the effective means this congregation uses to draw people into the love of Christ.
Adopted Hearts (1/1/2004)
  Families today come in many different shapes and sizes, from a single parent raising her children alone to grandparents, parents, children, and more living together under one roof. In this article, Jodi Kratzer, a senior at Lutheran High North, St. Louis, reminds us that the way a family looks doesn't matter, as long has God is at it's heart.
People of the Book? Considering Islam in America (7/16/2007)
  9-11 was seven years ago, and nations remain embroiled in the Middle East, opinions fly and debates rage. In the midst of the dialogue, adolescent thoughts develop into more than just emotive reactions. Youth have had time to form real questions and are struggling with real questions that are rooted in their faith and can be addressed by God's Word.
Reaching Across Prejudice (5/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses the problem of racism and teaching young people to reach out beyond social prejudice with the love of Christ.
Real Outreach: Reaching Youth in a Multicultural Setting (12/22/2009)
  Can we use the same strategies for reaching youth in other countries as we use for reaching youth in the United States?

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