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Family Guy: Whose Ministry Is it? (5/29/2007)
  Dr. Thad Warren shares what happens when you invite other adults in your congregation to be a part of a ministry that isn't yours alone.
Let's Talk about "It" (5/18/2009)
  Tips for parents on talking to kids about sex.
Family Guy: Shaping Their Serve (3/3/2009)
  Providing opportunities for youth to work along side their parents and encouraging parents to be models in doing service together as families encourages a positive attitude about serving and increases the likelihood of them serving as adults.
Family Guy: Stable Patterns in a Chaotic World (2/1/2007)
  Research study after research study, both secular and Christian, continue to show that the number one influence on teenagers is not TV, peers, or marketing hounds. The number one influence by far in the life of teenagers is their parents.
The Rest of the Week The Professional's Responsibility (9/1/2005)
  Much research has been and is being done on the fostering and formation of faith. The research clearly speaks to the role of the faith community in this process. When youth ministry is done well, it seeks to enlighten the faith formation of youth, which includes the active engagement of the entire faith community, but most importantly, the youths' parents. This article talks about going beyond the pizza and fun to build a family-focused youth program for your congregation.
Family Guy: No Matter What (7/2/2007)
  How many times in our ministry with families and youth do we miss communicating the Gospel or assume that the message is being received? Consider this "Gospel check-up" as you reflect on the ministry you have been given with youth and their families.

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