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Worship God-A Look at Worship Music (5/1/2005)
  As several Christian music artists release "worship records" alongside their regular albums, we are led to ask, "What on earth is the difference?" Rev. Jeff Kunze provides some clarification in this article.
Skit: Goosebumps for Jesus (4/1/2005)
  Calling all worship planners! In this original skit, a group of worship planners dive head first into creating a contemporary worship service, complete with music, fun, and...glitter?
Skit: Tech Driven Worship (3/1/2005)
  In this original skit about a tech-driven worship experience, if it can go wrong, it probably will. Who would have thought projecting song lyrics on the big white wall would have taken so much planning? And why do donuts always take such a priority?
For All the Saints (4/1/2005)
  In this article, Rev. Terry Dittmer examines the current teen "trend" toward more traditional forms of worship.
Praise an Audience of One (4/1/2005)
  Powerhouse is the youth-let worship service held at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Charles, Mo. This article provides tips and focus for those interested in beginning a youth-led worship service in their congregations.
To Entertain the Masses-Proper use of Media in Worship Settings (3/1/2004)
  Entertainment can be a scary word to use with worship, but read this article to see how it may be great for you!
Steppin Up (4/1/2005)
  Adam Caciano, a St. Louis native and senior at Kirkwood High School, does not yet know what God has in store for his future. But Adam is working for the Lord now as a member of a youth-led worship planning team. Led by their DCE, Jeremy Becker, the youth at Concordia Lutheran Church have been constructing worship services for several months. Read more to find out how it all began.
Youth Ministry Basics: Youth Led Worship (1/21/2010)
  Some tips on planning a youth-led worship service.
The Arts in Worship (2/4/2009)
  Tips and ideas on connecting musical youth with others in the church.
Ascension Worship Experience (4/20/2012)
  This ascension worship event is designed for the whole church family. It is a celebration of Jesus' earthly pilgrimage and the completion of His task on earth.
Worship Service: Celebrating Advent (9/7/2011)
  In Advent we prepare in humility for the holy joy of welcoming Gods Son. The season brings a note of repentance and rejoicing. This worship service helps us to prepare and rejoice.
On Our Way to Easter (1/25/2012)
  In this resource, you will find many ideas for celebrating this most joyous of occasions. First, you will discover a basic worship experience. Then follow several ideas and suggestions--to be used with this service or separately.
A Pentecost Choral Reading (4/25/2012)
  This Pentecost Choral Reading of Matthe 25:31-46 looks at what God's glory is all about.
Bible Study: Living Worship (6/8/2012)
  We must see worship as what God does for us, eliciting our response to His grace. Use this Bible study to dive into the concept of the worship lifestyle.
Pentecost Worship Outline (1/21/2013)
  A worship outline for Pentecost

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