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Review: Be the Change (9/5/2008)
  Zach Hunter's book provides both encouragement and an example to teens who want to make a difference.
So Many People in Need and Not Enough Fantasy Football Seasons (3/3/2009)
  What is social justice and why is it important?
Why? A Resource Kit for Talking to Students about Disaster & Tragedy (11/1/2005)
  In the wake of tragedy, youth begin to form real questions about the nature of man, sin, and God in the face of human suffering. It's time to share some real answers.
People of the Book? Considering Islam in America (7/16/2007)
  9-11 was seven years ago, and nations remain embroiled in the Middle East, opinions fly and debates rage. In the midst of the dialogue, adolescent thoughts develop into more than just emotive reactions. Youth have had time to form real questions and are struggling with real questions that are rooted in their faith and can be addressed by God's Word.
Servant Story: Room for All (1/14/2009)
  As colder weather moves in, Erin considers the homeless and offers ways to help.
Building Local and Global Awareness in Your Group: A How-To (3/3/2009)
  Practical ways to build awareness of the needs of the world.
Citizenship and the Christan Adolescent (3/3/2009)
  Promoting citizenship within your youth group.
Snark, Crackle, Pop: American Girls (10/26/2009)

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