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The Fault In Our Stars Book Talk (9/21/2012)
  The best-selling teen novel The Fault in Our Stars deals with issues of cancer, life, love and loss.
Youth Ministry Basics: Authentic Relationships (2/11/2010)
  Part of the way we bring the message of Jesus' loves to students is by creating authentic, lasting relationships. One of the best models we have is Jesus' time with His disciples.
Bible Study: David and Jonathan (4/16/2012)
  David and Jonathan provide an interesting case study in godly friendships, as an unlikely pair given David's destiny to serve as the "Anointed King" of Israel in place of Prince Jonathan whose father hates David. The "soap opera-esque" dynamics provide an interesting look at how a friendship that is founded in Jesus can overcome all kinds of worldly obstacles.
A Parent's Role in Teen Dating (4/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses how parents might best help their teens navigate the choppy waters of high school dating.
Dating Violence (2/24/2011)
  In the past, issues of dating and relationship violence prevention was limited to adults who were in serious committed relationships, but over the past years, I have begun to see how important it is to discuss this topic with teens as well.
Bible Study: What is Marriage? (10/29/2012)
  A quick Google search on marriage, a short session of channel-flipping or a poll of one's social circle will easily show you that it is a question with various answers, many of them contradictory to each other. As Christians, this is one of the most important questions we can ask, and it is imperative that we know how God answers this question as revealed in Scripture. With prayer and open hearts, let's take a look at God's definition of marriage and what that means for our lives.
Bible Study: Ruth and Naomi, A Case Study (11/13/2009)
Bible Study: Relationship Case Study - Jesus and Peter (12/18/2009)
Bible Study: Relationship Case Study - Jesus and the Pharisees (1/8/2010)
Bible Case Study: Jesus and John the Baptist (12/2/2011)
  John the Baptist's relationship with Jesus was so incredibly humble.
For Guys: How Should a Godly Man Treat a Woman? (2/28/2011)
  This talk sheet takes a close look at how Christian men should treat their sisters in Christ. It is written for guys; however, with some adaptations, it could also provide some good talking points for girls.
Retreat: Forgivers (9/26/2012)
  This retreat focuses on being both forgiven and forgivers.
Bible Study: Family Conflicts - Resolving or Dissolving (10/17/2012)
  Family conflict is fact, not fiction, and will continue, rather than disappear, because even as Christians we still have our sinful human nature. But thanks be to Godthrough Jesus Christ we have Gods forgiveness and His own love to enable us to combat our sinful nature and to resolve family conflicts.
Bible Study: Rachel and Leah (10/10/2012)
  A case study based on Rachel and Leah's relationship.
Bible Study: E.T. - The Extraterretrial (9/5/2012)
  This study on the movie E.T. takes a look at friendship and discipleship.
Let's Talk Dating (3/2/2011)
  The youth of today have many questions and concerns when it comes to dating but yet may be hesitant to discuss this topic with parents. In todays promiscuous culture, we need to provide Christian guidance.
For the Girls: Opposites Attract (3/1/2011)
  This talk sheet will help you walk girls through this discussion, recognizing the different ways men and women feel loved. It is written for girls; however, with some adaptations, it could also provide some good talking points for guys.

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