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Asking the Scoffer to Leave (12/1/2005)
  What should you do with the kid that comes to youth group only to make trouble? The one that never shows any respect and distracts the other youth? Check out this article for one DCE's perspective.
Just to Say Hi - Helping Youth in Crisis (10/1/2004)
  As a youth worker, Christ has given you a tremendous opportunity to serve His young people on the front lines. Every now and then, the devil, the world, and their own flesh delivers such a tremendous blow to your young people that their stories leave you reeling. This article provides a few guidelines to help you know when it's OK to handle such trouble on your own and when it's better to steer troubled youth toward professional help.
One Family Matter that Really Matters (1/1/2004)
  The time you spend with your children is second in importance only to the lessons you teach them of Christ's love and forgiveness. This article by Rev. Terry Dittmer, originally published in December 2003, offers encouragement to all Christians seeking to give their loved ones that "perfect gift" during the holiday season.
Dating Abuse: Helping Those in Harm (3/1/2006)
  Dating abuse is a real problem for many of today's teens. This article offers advice on how you might be of help to those in trouble.
Tangible Outlets for Expressing Grief (3/26/2010)
  There is no magic formula for helping students through sadness. The ways people express grief are as unique as the reasons why they grieve. Use your God-given gifts in coming up with tangible outlets for kids to express grief.
Helping Youth Who Hurt: A Resource Kit (3/26/2010)
  Talk sheets, articles, and Bible studies to help you walk with youth who are hurting.
Models in Relationships (4/14/2009)
  DCE Tommy Moll discusses ways youth workers often model unhealthy relationships, and how to change that.
Youth Ministry Basics: Change and Grief (9/24/2009)
  Helping youth through times of change and grief.
Responding to Tragedy (2/25/2010)
  How do you help students deal when tragedy happens?
Tough Topics (11/5/2008)
  Guiding youth through the tough times and difficult topics.
Devotion: Encouragement for the Hurting (9/9/2009)
What's a Person to Do? Helping Youth with Drug/Alcohol Addictions (9/4/2009)
  Know when to get help with alcohol and other drug issues in youth.
Physical Pain vs. Emotional Pain (4/19/2011)
  Does the emotional pain of a breakup trigger the same parts of the brain as physical pain? What does this mean for working with youth?
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Dealing with Divorce (10/12/2009)
  On Jon and Kate and divorce
Snark, Crackle, Pop Culture: Teen Suicide (11/2/2010)
Cut to the Heart (9/11/2009)
  How to help the student who cuts.
Being a Leader Who Helps (9/18/2009)
  Tips for youth workers on how to help youth who hurt.
Danna's Story: A Journey Through an Eating Disorder (9/18/2009)
  Helping students who have eating disorders
Skit: A Conversation with Kayla (6/1/2009)
  Life isn't what it always appears to be. A teenage girl has a conversation in passing with her mother. The question is what is the girl really communicating, and who is there to listen.
How to Help Youth Cope after a Suicide (3/26/2010)
  Tips for leaders, with common questions youth may ask
Suicide Talks: The (3/26/2010)
  A Bible study and talk sheet to use with youth struggling after the suicide of a friend or loved one, it can be used for youth wrestling with their own suicidal feelings, or it can be used for youth working through difficult topics they desire to know more about.
Not My Student?! (9/4/2009)
  Help the student caught in drug and alcohol abuse.
When Tragedy Strikes (3/5/2010)
  A teen in your youth group dies, or some other tragedy do you deal with it? DCE Mark Novacek shares his story.

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