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Worship God-A Look at Worship Music (5/1/2005)
  As several Christian music artists release "worship records" alongside their regular albums, we are led to ask, "What on earth is the difference?" Rev. Jeff Kunze provides some clarification in this article.
Bible Study: Can Music Move Mountains? (4/1/2005)
  Can music move us toward a deeper, richer faith in Christ? That is for you and your students to decide as you walk through this study. This study urges you to compare songs with Scripture and discover whether the songs speak God's truth.
The Birth and Rise of Holy Hip Hop (5/1/2005)
  Holy Hip-Hop is a genre of music that originated from Hip-Hop. In this article, Nova 4 Jehovah, a Holy Hip-Hop artists, shares from where he came and how his music can work for the good of Christian young people.
Christian Music (2/1/2004)
  In the Christian music industry, artists and mangement alike has embraced the "Christian music" label. What does this self-imposed label say about the industry and the music itself? And what makes an artist or album uniquely "Christian?" This article explores these questions and more.
Christian Music through a Lutheran Lens (5/1/2005)
  Whether the musician is EMINEM, tobyMac, or Johann Sebastian Bach, teens listen to find expressions of themselves in the music. They are looking for friends, and they need tools to help them discern the underlying message the artist is trying to convey.
Christian Rock Rules (6/1/2004)
  In this article, Josh Salzburg discusses the genre of Christian rock and its recent success on the charts.
Coming on a Tour near You (3/1/2004)
  Looking for a quality mainstream concert? This article offers some suggestions for youth workers and youth who love music and would rather steer clear of unfortunate content.
Musical Chairs (1/1/2004)
  What is your opinion regarding use of the Internet as a means of sharing and downloading music? In this short article, Josh Salzburg offers his opinion of file-sharing on the Web. and
Listen Up-Introducing Youth to Positive Music (5/1/2005)
  The war for our teens' minds and spirits is being fought in many corridors. One of the most obvious battles is being waged in the halls of music. Strap on the armor of God and join the fray.
Bible Study: I'm Not a Robot (12/18/2012)
  The song "Robot" by Trip Lee gives a great look at the problem of original sin and the freedom found in Christ.

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