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Yabbadabbadoo! (1/1/2004)
  When serving as a full-time church worker, it is tough to balance time to family and time to church. Where should your priorities lie? Rev. Jeff Kunze offers some perspective in this article.
The Time of Our Life (1/1/2005)
  The perception that church work can disrupt families is rather common, but it isn't necessarily true. Kathy Chapin is a Lutheran elementary educator who works with over 40 first – eighth graders as one of two teaching staff members for the school of Trinity Lutheran Church, Orchard Farm, Missouri. She and her husband Dave have created a system that affords Kathy the sometimes-long hours on the job without doing damage to their relationship. Their example can be a model for others serving in the Church.
Boundaries: Secrets from DCEs who Thrived, Not Just Survived (5/29/2009)
  Each year dozens of professional church workers leave their position at their church. Why they leave is no secret to many of us. But there are other secrets you should know. The secrets that cause purposeful thriving and not accidental surviving.
But When It Comes to Time, What is Important? (1/1/2005)
  In this article, Rev. Terry Dittmer encourages youth workers to evaluate how they are spending their time, and to commit to spending more time with eternal things.
Stages: The Life of a Youth Worker (7/1/2008)
  Every youth worker goes through various stages in ministry, from fresh-faced college grad to experienced veteran. Along the way there are many challenges, joys, and growth experiences both in ministry and at home. How do you balance the two at these different stages in your life?
Giving Time IS Giving Life (1/1/2005)
  Time is God's gift to us, and the choices we make in spending our time have lasting effects upon us and those we love. This article discusses how this fact may impact the life of a busy church worker.
Starting Today (1/1/2005)
  Advent and Christmas often prove to be trying times in the life of a church worker. This article provides encouragement and advice on renewing your focus after the chaotic "holiday season."
Youth Ministry Basics: Starting the School Year (9/10/2009)
  Top ten ideas to help de-stress your schedule
Married to a Youth Worker-One Husband's Story (6/1/2005)
  Many of our readers know what it feels like to be "married to the church" in their work. But what is it like to be married to a church worker? This article shares one husband's story.

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