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Give Me the Right Words to Say (3/1/2005)
  Apologetics is the study and practice of providing credible explanations for why Christians believe what they believe. This article offers advice in how you might arm the youth you serve with the tools of apologetic thinking.
Apologist or Ambassador? (4/29/2014)
  When it comes to defending our faith, are we apologists or ambassadors?
Apologia: Sanctity of Life (11/30/2012)
  An explanation of what we believe about the Sanctity of Life.
Apologia: The Second Commandment (2/12/2010)
  On the second commandment, "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord our God."
Apologia: Why Doesn't God Prevent Sin? (4/12/2013)
  Our world is broken. Sin has broken everything that exists and has ever existed since Adam and Eves fall. It destroys all relationships between God, creation and humankind. Sin brings death and destruction, and it separates us from God, from nature and from each other. So why didnt God prevent sin? Why doesnt He prevent it now?
Apologia: Get Disciplined - Simplicity (8/13/2010)
  on Simplicity as a Spiritual discipline
Apologia: Get Disciplined--Fasting (8/27/2010)
Apologia: Question Authority - The Fourth Commandment (2/24/2012)
  Respect is no longer something that is given; it must be earned. This mindset is difficult enough to address on its own. When you add corrupt politicians and absent or abusive parents into the mix, teaching the Fourth Commandment in today's world can become quite a daunting task.
Apologia: The First Commandment (6/4/2012)
  God gave the commandment to "worship Him alone" as the first since it teaches us to understand the foundation and source of our eternity and morality.
Apologia: What Lutherans Believe about the End Times (10/2/2009)
  Doctrine-based talk sheet about the End Times
Apologia: Homosexuality and the Church (10/1/2008)
  What does The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod believe and teach about homosexuality? Use this talk sheet to discuss the topic with your youth.

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