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Vocation 101 (4/26/2007)
  Derek Broten shares the steps he takes to identify and encourage the youth of his congregation who may have the gifts to become church workers.
Home for Christmas (1/1/2005)
  There are many simple things youth leaders and other church workers can do to extend a sense of belonging to the young adults who come home for the holidays. This article provides encouragement to refocus your efforts and prepare for the young hearts that were once in your charge but who now hail from the wide, wide world.
Thinking About College Ministry, Part 2 (4/15/2011)
  How do you keep youth connected to the church after they graduate high school? What have you tried that has been most effective? And what about those who don't go to college?
Thinking About College Ministry, Part 1 (4/8/2011)
  What are some of the greatest challenges facing our youth after they graduate high school? How do you prepare them for those challenges?
Bible Study: When I Grow Up (10/2/2008)
  This Bible study by DCE Emily Norman looks at questions youth ask as they prepare for life after high school, giving them a Scriptural foundation they can use as they make plans about college career, and life.
Where are you going? (10/3/2008)
  Encouraging youth to consider church-work careers
Youth Ministry Basics: Senior Recognition (6/10/2010)
  As students enter college and step away from the carefully constructed boundaries of high school and youth groups, what are we giving them to help prepare them for that journey?
Navigating College Ministry (4/22/2011)
  For many churches college ministry seems like a daunting challenge. However, ministry targeted to college students is not and should not be optional.

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