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Home for Christmas (1/1/2005)
  There are many simple things youth leaders and other church workers can do to extend a sense of belonging to the young adults who come home for the holidays. This article provides encouragement to refocus your efforts and prepare for the young hearts that were once in your charge but who now hail from the wide, wide world.
December @ thESource (1/11/2010)
  Resources for Lent and Easter
Summer Must Dos (11/1/2005)
  thESource petitioned you, our community members, for your favorite Summer MustDo activities. Here's what y'all had to say.
Advent Resources (9/7/2011)
  It's never too early to start planning for Advent. Take advantage of these resources as you plan events and Bible studies for the Advent season.
Lent Resources (1/6/2012)
  Resources for Lent and Easter
Youth Ministry Basics: More than Dirty Santa (12/3/2009)
  Ways your group can connect locally and nationally to help the needy during the Christmas season.
Devotion: The Candle of Preparation (12/10/2012)
  We can be thankful that Jesus has conquered all of the distractions in our lives.
Devotion: The Candles of Joy and Love (12/18/2012)
  The Christmas message of joy and love is one we especially need these days.
Advent: A Time Worth Waiting For (10/16/2009)
  Why we celebrate Advent, and a few things to do with youth during this season of waiting.
Lent: Spring Cleaning for the Soul (12/4/2009)
  Why we celebrate Lent, and things to do with your group during this time.
What-But It Isn't Lent (2/1/2004)
  This Parenting Point by Mary Halberg discusses many ways families can draw closer together during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent.
The Joy of the Resurrection (3/6/2012)
  In this Easter drama, two friends share the joy of a favorite team's success. This modern day story then becomes interwoven with the account of Jesus' resurrection.
Bible Study: He is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia! (1/11/2013)
  Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with this Easter Bible study.
Six Shades of Purple: Chancel Dramas for Lent (1/6/2012)
  If these dramas in any way prod repentance, ask for Easter or make purple a color approaching hope, they will have reached their mark.
Advent Gospel Dramas (9/2/2011)
  Through parable, fantasy or direct reference, this drama series is a way to capture the obvious and the subtle themes in the Gospels for Advent through Epiphany.
Skit: Passion (3/30/2011)
  A young man and woman wonder what has happened to passion and to caring about other people.
Skit: Confidence (4/6/2011)
  A student tells her classmates where her confidence comes from.
A Pentecost Choral Reading (4/25/2012)
  This Pentecost Choral Reading of Matthe 25:31-46 looks at what God's glory is all about.
Worship Service: Celebrating Advent (9/7/2011)
  In Advent we prepare in humility for the holy joy of welcoming Gods Son. The season brings a note of repentance and rejoicing. This worship service helps us to prepare and rejoice.
On Our Way to Easter (1/25/2012)
  In this resource, you will find many ideas for celebrating this most joyous of occasions. First, you will discover a basic worship experience. Then follow several ideas and suggestions--to be used with this service or separately.
Devotion: A Word of Promise (3/6/2012)
  It is against the stark background of our sin that the promises of God shine.
Devotion: A Word of Love (3/12/2012)
  It was love that brought Jesus to become incarnate.
Pentecost Worship Outline (1/21/2013)
  A worship outline for Pentecost

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