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Skit: The Identity Expo (9/1/2005)
  Casting about for an identity that "works" during the teen years is terribly hard. Wouldn't it be easier if identities could be bought and sold across counter tops? If being all you could be only meant purchasing a few items at the big Identity Expo? The characters in this skit try to do just that, and in the process learn that the "basic must haves" of anyone's identity come free.
Skit: The Faithless Zone (3/1/2004)
  In the voice of The Twilight Zone, five characters make choices without the guidance of integrity. Without a moral compass youth may find themselves lost in The Faithless Zone.
What I Know Now...What I Wish I Had Known Back Then (4/1/2004)
  In this article, Leah Bruskewitz discusses the long road she traveled in learning that it's not others' opinions that should determine the course of her life, but God's Word.
Veritas: Drinking - A High School Reality (7/1/2006)
  In this article, youth contributor Sarah Trinklein discusses the unfortunate reality of teenage drinking. She offers useful advice to teens who want to resist the temptation and to those who long to escape.
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Nerd (8/17/2010)
Snark, Crackle, Pop: Academic Cheating (1/28/2011)
  Recently there have been several pieces in the media that relate back to academic cheating and plagiarism, a topic I feel I don't address nearly enough with my students.

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