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Tips from the Professional: A Life Among Pictures (10/1/2005)
  Young people are expecially attuned to images, an understanding that advertising has relied upon, good or bad, for years. This article offers tips from a professional on how to use images and photography for the good of your youth program.
In All Things-Teaching the Gospel Using Media (3/1/2004)
  Veteran DCE Bob McKinney has long approached youth programming with a media-mindset. His article provides impactful direction for using media to reach youth with the message of Christ.
The Stride: Ask the Two Questions (1/2/2008)
  Veteran DCE, Bob McKinney shares insights into lessons, both big and not-so-big that he has encountered in his years in youth ministry.
Tackling the Tough Issues: A Guide for Parents (3/1/2006)
  Having "the big talks" with young people can be hard on some parents. We know there are many issues that must be addressed, but how does one get a youth to open up and talk? This article offers some advice to get the ball rolling.
The Power of the Modern Parable (2/6/2007)
  It may be difficult to figure out when or why to use media. One simple rule-of-thumb is to use your media just as Jesus used his parables...
Tough Topics (11/5/2008)
  Guiding youth through the tough times and difficult topics.
Seven Tips for Reading Revelation Realistically (10/2/2009)
  Tips on reading and teaching the Book of Revelation
Betwixt: The Incredible Shrinking Attention Span (1/3/2013)
  Some tips on how to help kids focused.
Betwixt: Crafting Relevant Lessons (5/31/2012)
  My job is to know my students, to learn their struggles, and to come alongside and provide them with rich, thought-provoking materials and experiences that would fan the flames of their personal faith.
All Things New: The Challenge of Challenging Youth (9/19/2013)
  Youth are used to receiving challenges. So, how is the church challenging them?
The Christian Educational Music Video (2/4/2009)
  Get tips on how to make your own music video for your youth group!
The Christian Educational Music Video, part 2 (3/3/2009)
  A continuation of last month's discussion on making music videos for your group.

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