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Graying and Greening of the Church (2/1/2004)
  Generally, many youth workers do not think of connecting intergenerationally to enhance youth programming, but youth are shown to benefit from finding older role models in their congregations. This article takes a close look at the current generations of youth and older adults to show the need to connect these generations in service to and with one another.
To Stratify Well (6/1/2006)
  All professional church-workers are Called to "equip the Saints" in congregations, which includes all ages of Gods people!
What I Love about Junior High Youth (7/1/2004)
  A Jr. High student is a different sort of animal, and it takes a special person to "tame" him. In this article, DCE Jeff Meinz offers some advice on giving this unique age-group the spiritual food they need to survive.
Five Considerations for Bridging the Gap Between Junior and Senior High Youth (7/1/2004)
  It is sometimes difficult to bridge the gap between junior- and senior-high youth programming. This article provides five things to consider as you seek to meet the unique needs of each age group.
Young Adults and the Church: Book Reviews of Blue Like Jazz and Velvet Elvis (5/29/2007)
  Rev. Terry Dittmer ponders the emergent Church and the influence of culture and today's young adult on our theology as reflected in two compelling books, Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller and Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.
Book Review: They Like Jesus But Not the Church (10/31/2007)
  a book review of They Like Jesus But Not the Church by Dan Kimball
One Family Matter that Really Matters (1/1/2004)
  The time you spend with your children is second in importance only to the lessons you teach them of Christ's love and forgiveness. This article by Rev. Terry Dittmer, originally published in December 2003, offers encouragement to all Christians seeking to give their loved ones that "perfect gift" during the holiday season.
Why Junior High? (6/1/2004)
  It's the big youth programming question: Shoud you divide up the Jr. High and Sr. High students into seperate groups? In this short article, Rev. Terry Dittmer offers some advice on this issue.
Book Review: Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches (4/26/2007)
  Rev. Terry Dittmer sheds some light on the theology of new trends in young adult ministry by reviewing the book "Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches: Five Perspectives" compiled by Robert Webber.
Life Blood (3/1/2005)
  One of the top priorities of any youth program should be to give teens ample opportunity to build connections with Christian adults, especially their parents. A family-centered youth program gives you more freedom to help make those connections happen.
Youth Ministry is Family Inclusive (7/29/2011)
  Youth ministry is family inclusive.
Devotion: Sweet Freedom - Transitions (8/1/2004)
  The move from high school to college is often unnerving for youth. This brief devotion provides focus for the journey.
The Rookie: Junior High Dating? (10/3/2008)
  A conversation with some girls opens the eyes of DCE Lea Mansell to the dating culture of junior high students.
Servin' Lovin' Praisin': Kidnapping the Eighth Graders (6/14/2011)
  Today I want to offer an idea that can help get your newly confirmed youth interested in high school youth ministry.
Betwixt: Getting Along with Parents AND Youth (12/13/2013)
  Do's and Don't's on working with parents and youth
Betwixt: Why You Can Drag Kids Away from their Phones (1/28/2014)
  Kids are gorging on technology and are starting to get sick of it.
Betwixt: How to (Totally) Sabotage Youth Events (7/17/2013)
  Looking for tips on working with youth? Don't try these things!
Betwixt: A Handy Survival Guide for Youth Trips (9/13/2013)
  Some helpful tips for surviving a youth trip
Betwixt: Who We're Really Doing it For (4/16/2013)
  It's not about what we're doing, but WHO we're doing it for.
Betwixt: The Incredible Shrinking Attention Span (1/3/2013)
  Some tips on how to help kids focused.
Betwixt: Crafting Relevant Lessons (5/31/2012)
  My job is to know my students, to learn their struggles, and to come alongside and provide them with rich, thought-provoking materials and experiences that would fan the flames of their personal faith.
Betwixt: The Sin that Swallows Church Workers (11/15/2013)
  The sins of pride and arrogance are the ones that often cripple church workers more than almost any other sins.
Betwixt: Expectations of Leaders (4/14/2011)
  One of the most important elements of my entire ministry, without a doubt, is my leaders. Without them, I'd be floundering alone in a dark, dangerous, and life-sucking whirlpool.
Betwixt: Getting the Shy Ones to Talk (3/28/2013)
  Some tips on working with the quieter students in your group and getting them to talk.
Book Review: College Ministry from Scratch (10/17/2011)
  book review of College Ministry from Scratch by Chuck Bomar

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